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    Inverters 12V to 220V

    12V solar inverters or converters transform the direct current that comes from 12V batteries into alternating current at 220V – 230V to power any appliance that we connect. 12V inverters are ideal when we connect 12V panels in parallel, thus maintaining said voltage. The 12V inverter covers powers between 1000W and 8000W, so it is recommended for use in low, medium and high power solar installations.

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    12V inverters

    12V inverters are electronic devices that convert direct current (DC) from a 12V battery to alternating current (AC) to power electrical devices that require AC. For example, they can be used in recreational vehicles, boats, caravans, solar systems, among others.

    There are several types of 12V inverters on the market, with different features and power levels. Some of the common types are:

    • Pure sine wave inverters: They produce a high quality sine wave and are suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices that require a high quality power source, such as computers, televisions, battery chargers, etc.
    • IHigh frequency inverters: They are smaller and lighter than other inverters, but are not as reliable in long run time.
    • Low frequency inverters: They are larger and heavier than high-frequency inverters, but are more reliable and durable.

    It is important to consider the power and needs of the devices to be powered before purchasing a 12V inverter to ensure that it has enough power and capacity to meet the needs of the electrical devices to be used.

    Information about Solar Inverters 12V to 220V

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    Solar inverters of this type transform current from 12V to 220V, for this they need to be supplied with energy from a battery of the same voltage (12V). The connection is very simple: you must join the negative pole of the battery with that of the inverter, and the same operation with the positive pole. With the charge regulator function we avoid problems such as the poles being reversed and the inverter being damaged, since the vast majority of them (not all) integrate a security system that controls this possible handling error.

    On this page you can find all the 12V 220V inverters that we have, from the smallest, the 12V 220 inverter to the most powerful, in pure sine wave. We have different powers: 1000W, 2000W, 3000W, 5000W, 8000W, 10000W, with the option of battery charger or without charger and many others so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 12v inverters are basic electronic devices in many electrical systems, including any system that is powered by renewable energy. The reason is very simple: it is the device that is responsible for transforming the clean energy that our installation is collecting from the sun, water, air... into the electrical energy that we need for our daily lives.

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    Common uses of 12V Inverters

    12V Inverters are widely used in the photovoltaic sector for demanding installations.

    12V Inverter Installation

    12V Inverters can be installed by yourself, although it is recommended that whoever installs it has basic knowledge in this regard. Therefore, PlusEnergy offers you the installation and commissioning service by our team of professional installers with a guarantee of operation wherever you require.

    The installation service by our team of professionals is available for both the 12V Inverters and any of the products on our website, contact us for more information.​

    12V Inverter Maintenance

    12V Solar Inverters do not require special maintenance.

    Compatibility of 12V Inverters with batteries

    The 12V Inverters are compatible with batteries that work at 12V.

    12V Inverter Warranty

    The 12V Inverters have a manufacturer's warranty of two years on the transformer and one year on the rest of the parts, as long as their use has been correct and the recommendations that we always provide and appear in our policies have been followed.​

    Photovoltaic installation with 12V inverters

    At PlusEnergy we are aware of the importance of 12V Inverters in the photovoltaic sector, which is why we offer you solar kits where many of them include 12V Inverters.​

    Buy cheap 12V inverter

    Buying a cheap 12V inverter is fast, safe and convenient thanks to PlusEnergy. Contact us and our experts will advise you for free without obligation on what type of 12V inverter is recommended based on your needs.

    At PlusEnergy we remain at your disposal to clarify your doubts and advise you on which 12V inverter is recommended according to your installation and needs, as well as for any of the products on our website.

    PlusEnergy remains at your disposal to advise you on 12V Inverters or any of the products on our website, contact us for more information.

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