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    24V Solar Kit – Medium Solar Installations

    Isolated 24V solar energy kits with the best prices on the market for the daily use of household appliances: use of hobs for cooking, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, television, computer, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, iron, lighting, etc. It offers wide autonomy and high reliability.

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    Solar 24V

    Description 24V Solar Kits

    Solar kits that work at 24V are characterized by including all the devices necessary for the installation and start-up of the system. The 24V solar kits have two 12V batteries connected in series that work at 24V. These types of kits are prepared to cover energy needs in homes with regular use, but average regular consumption. You can also find 24V solar kits without batteries, although they are less in demand.

    Those 24V solar kits that have batteries allow the energy autonomy of the home during the hours with little or no solar radiation, thus, the home has energy autonomy during the night hours or those days in which the home's consumption is higher. to the production of solar panels.

    In these cases, it is important to know the type of technology that the batteries enjoy in order to perform appropriate maintenance, and thus optimize their useful life. In the event that you cannot or do not want to perform periodic maintenance on the batteries, it is recommended that you opt for batteries that do not require maintenance, such as AGM, GEL, TOPzS or lithium batteries.​

    24V Solar Kits

    The 24V solar kits have a guarantee for each of their elements, as long as these elements have been used correctly following the manufacturer's recommendations.

    Consult in each case the warranty offered by the manufacturer, as there are products or models that enjoy a longer warranty period. The warranty of each of the devices and elements included in the 24V solar kits will be covered under warranty as long as their use and maintenance has been correct and the manufacturer's recommendations have been followed.​

    What's Included in a 24V Solar Kit

    ​The 24V solar kits include all the elements for the correct installation and start-up of the system, therefore, the 24V solar kits include both the solar panels, inverter, batteries and other devices as well as the electrical material necessary to make the relevant connections.

    Along with most products, an explanatory video is included that provides information on the technical characteristics of the product, installation or recommendations.

    The 24V solar kits on our website cover the most common needs, but all of them are customizable depending on the particularities and characteristics of the home, expected consumption, etc., contact us if you want us to send you a personalized quote without obligation or if you want change any of the components of the 24V solar kit.

    Installation of 24V Solar Kits

    ​It is recommended that the batteries, inverter, regulator or battery charger be installed in a place protected from extreme temperatures and humidity that could weaken their correct operation.

    It is also advisable that the batteries that work at 24V, if they exist, be installed in their natural position, that is, with the terminals facing up, that they be installed in a place with easy access, especially when maintenance is required. periodically and that the panels are installed with the optimal orientation and location so that they receive maximum solar radiation and can be cleaned with soap and water when dirt interferes with their correct operation.

    It is recommended that the installation of the 24V solar kit be carried out by someone with basic knowledge in this regard, as it is a set of elements with a certain degree of complexity that must be manipulated and installed correctly to avoid breakdowns and future problems. Along with the technical sheet, in most cases, the installation manual or guide is provided which explains both the process to carry out the installation correctly as well as the solution to the most common problems and recommendations for greater durability of the product.

    Buy 24V Solar Kit

    Buying a 24V solar kit is easy, fast and safe through PlusEnergy. Contact us without obligation and we will advise you on the solar kit that best suits your needs or we will quote you a customized 24V solar kit according to the characteristics of your home or particularities. that there may be. 24V solar kits at your fingertips at the best price with manufacturer's warranty.

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