Save by combining aerothermal energy and solar panels

    Save by combining aerothermal energy and solar panels

    Currently, aerothermal energy has positioned itself as one of the systems with the greatest

    performance, this is due to its ability to convert 1 kW of light consumed into 4 kW of

    heat energy.

    Therefore, while its energy efficiency is 400%, the user uses only 25% of that heat energy produced.

    Furthermore, if we combine this system with the installation of solar panels, the savings will be total, below we explain why.

    Operation of aerothermal energy and solar panels

    Aerothermal energy operates by transferring energy from the outside of the room to the inside.

    inside. That is, in summer it obtains heat from the outside air, makes it pass through a

    internal liquid with refrigerant liquid and, through the air conditioning, transmits it to the


    This makes it a comprehensive air conditioning system, as it is capable of producing heating in winter, heat in summer and hot water throughout the year. In each case, it will be necessary to choose the thermal emitter intended for this.

    For example, the radiating floor It is a very wise decision, as it allows the diffusion of cold or heat depending on the needs of the consumer and distributes the necessary energy evenly throughout the room. Its installation is very simple and economical, it consists of a set of polyethylene pipes installed under the ground, which do not require a

    specific maintenance.

    On the other hand, solar panels convert solar radiation into electrical energy, allowing the consumption needs of a home to be supplied completely free of charge during the more than 25 years of useful life of the system.

    Advantages of combining the aerothermal system with self-consumption

    It should be noted that an installation of solar panels alone is capable of reducing electricity consumption by up to 70%. But, if we also combine it with aerothermal energy, the supply will be capable of consuming free energy for air conditioning, which represents 80% of the total bill in winter, and electricity costs can be completely eliminated.

    To give us an idea, in about 30 years, you can save approximately €45.000, if we compare it with other heat sources such as gas or diesel.

    Although in some cases, the initial outlay necessary to carry out both installations may be high, it is a cost that is amortized in less than 6 years and,

    From then on, the home will be able to consume completely free energy.

    Cost of the aerothermal and solar panel project

    The cost of installing an aerothermal system varies between €8.000 and €25.000

    depending on factors such as the size of the property, the electrical power contracted in the supply or the output devices that will be used. However, the price

    reduces as the size of the installation increases.

    Meanwhile, the price of installing solar panels is around €4.500, including the

    labor and the purchase of the necessary devices. In this case, the cost of the project is between €600 and €800 per square meter, depending on the type of property, the consumption habits of its inhabitants and the hours of sunshine in the area.

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