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    The pure wave solar current inverter or solar converter is the necessary component in a photovoltaic installation to transform the direct current generated by the solar modules into 220V alternating current which is used in homes.

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    Types of Solar Current Inverters

    Pure wave solar inverters are almost always connected to photovoltaic batteries unless it is a grid injection inverter or a pumping inverter; These photovoltaic inverters that have a system of stationary batteries to operate are called solar inverters for isolated photovoltaic installations.

    • In WccsolaAll our power inverters are pure sine wave, therefore they are of the same quality that the conventional electrical grid generates and reaches our homes.
    • El hybrid solar inverter, is an inverter that works or allows its use with conventional electrical grid and the use of batteries, the latter being mandatory. This means that they can work in grid-connected solar energy installations as well as in isolated solar installations.
    • El Low frequency solar inverter, It is an inverter that works in photovoltaic installations with batteries at either 12 volts or 24 volts or 48 volts. At Wccsolar we have this inverter model that also has the function of a battery charger, therefore you can connect it to the electrical grid or to a generating unit and provide support to the solar panels on days when they do not produce enough energy.
    • El solar inverter grid injection or with zero discharge grid connection, is an inverter that does not need a battery bank for its operation. It extracts energy from the photovoltaic field as long as the photovoltaic production is sufficient to feed its electrical consumption; Otherwise, during the hours that your solar installation is powered by solar panels at night or hours of low solar radiation, the loads that could not be powered by the panels will be powered by the electrical grid.

    Maintenance to take into account when purchasing an Inverter

    The pure wave solar current inverter does not require special maintenance.

    Guarantee of a WccSolar Pure Wave Solar Inverter

    Most of the solar inverters at Wccsolar have a 2-year warranty, we give you the security that we are the only ones in Spain that have direct technical service in our facilities. Always consult the technical sheet of each inverter and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our customer service numbers, our experts will answer all your questions.

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    Buying the pure wave solar inverter is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, in addition the pure wave solar inverter has an official Wccsolar guarantee

    Modified wave solar inverter and pure wave solar inverter

    There are electrical devices that may require a starting power 3 times higher than the normal operating power since they have a motor.

    The modified wave solar inverter is only suitable for motorless and less complex devices, for use in lighting, television, music or DVD player, etc. These solar inverters generate an electronically generated current wave.

    On the other hand, the pure sine wave solar inverter generates the same wave as the one we receive at home. They are more expensive than modified wave inverters but can be used with all types of devices with motors, simple, complex or sensitive electronics, offering excellent performance.

    In a solar inverter we must always respect the power that the model we have purchased is capable of supplying.

    Deye Inverter / Deye inverter

    PlusEnergy Solar (WccSolar) has become the exclusive official distributor of the DEYE brand of photovoltaic solar inverters. Thus, the Spanish firm specialized in the distribution of solar PV materials since 2010, will selectively undertake the distribution of the range of DEYE solar inverters among its current partners, that is, the most important and relevant wholesale warehouses of electrical material in Spain. to which it currently supplies other solar PV inputs.

    DEYE Microinverter

    The available range will be made up of 0.6Kw ~2Kw microinverters; string, single-phase and three-phase inverters; and hybrid inverters, also in single-phase and three-phase versions.

    DEYE single-phase and three-phase inverter

    String inverters are available from 3,6kW to 110kW, thus covering any type of solar self-consumption installation. These inverters offer the built-in “0” injection function, thanks to their standard toroidal clamp, and can be combined with their corresponding wattmeters. In addition, the three-phase string inverters are parallelizable, and up to a maximum of 16 units can be added.

    DEYE Hybrid Inverter

    The main job of a grid-tied inverter is to convert the DC power generated from the PV array into usable AC power. Hybrid inverters go a step further and run on batteries to store excess energy as well. In the developing world, hybrid inverters are more of a necessity to compensate for weak or intermittent grids or a complete lack of electricity from the grid.

    Deye hybrid inverters include 3~16kW single-phase and 3~50kW three-phase. The rest of them adopt a 48V and 102V battery. In addition, the SUN-16K-SG01LP1-EU is the maximum single-phase hybrid inverter on the world market with the 48v battery.

    In addition, the SUN-50K-SG50HP01-EU-BM 3kw hybrid inverter will also be a game-changer in this world. The powerful 50kw hybrid inverter can be connected to the battery and will effectively solve most industrial systems.

    The Grid-interactive inverter consists of several hardware elements. The Grid-interactive inverter controls and monitors the connection of electricity from power plants. In addition, it also controls the disconnection of surplus energy from the plants. Ensures energy dispatch during peak hours based on demand.​

    DEYE hybrid inverters are, without a doubt, some of the most complete on the market, capable of operating in isolated installations without a grid, and can be parallelized, in both their single-phase and three-phase versions, in up to 16 units in cascade. Furthermore, they can function as a self-consumption inverter, with or without batteries, with countless features and functionalities, providing them with differential added value compared to other hybrid inverters on the market.

    DEYE Lithium Batteries

    There is also our latest series of low voltage 48v se-g series 5.1kw and high voltage GB-L 4.09kw series battery systems, which continue to use Deye's constant stable technology and will be launched in 2023.

    PlusEnergy Solar as a knowledgeable player in the photovoltaic market and exclusive Deye Distributor We are committed to serving all end customers and installers who have installed DEYE inverters.

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