Pylontech US2000B Plus Battery

    Pylontech US2000B Plus Battery

    Hello, today we are going to talk about the Pylontech US2000B Plus battery. It is a 48 volt, 2,4 kilowatt hour battery. And it is a high quality lithium ion phosphate battery. This battery can be connected in parallel up to a maximum of 40 units, making groups of 8 units and connecting between them through a hub connection.

    Example of Facilities:

    This battery has measurements of:

    440mm long x 89mm high x 410mm wide

    On the front we find all the connections for its operation and two metal grips to facilitate the transportation of the battery and some holes to anchor it to the place of placement and its weight is 24 kg.

    The battery box includes the following items:

    • The communication cable (thin black)

    • Negative jumper wire (fat black)

    • The positive jumper cable (fat orange)

    • Ground connection (yellow)

    • The screws to connect the battery and the ground

    • The manual and warranty

    • Communication power (long thin black)

    • Positive and negative cable to connect to the inverter

    In the connections from left to right we do not find:

    • The on and off switch

    • The Internet connection and communication inputs with the inverter

    • Communication between batteries

    • Negative input and output

    Positive input and output

    In this way we can connect the bridges with their quick connection terminals. The quick connectors have pressure buttons to make the connection and make it more secure. And the battery communication cable is located here.

    We are going to make the connection between two batteries.

    • To make the ground connection we must connect the wiring to the battery and then to a ground connection.

    • We connect the communications cable to the batteries.

    • We connect to link port 1 of the first battery and to link port 0 of the next to achieve communication between them.

    • To connect the batteries in parallel we must remove the protection caps and then move on to making the connections.

    • Connect negative to negative of each battery with the black cable and positive to positive with the orange cable.

    • The negative of the first battery and the positive of the last will be connected to the inverter with the longest cables.

    • After making the connection between the batteries, we can turn it on, we turn on the two batteries and press the SW start button for half a second, so that the connection between the batteries begins and the recognition of the batteries will begin and a long beep will sound that will tell us that everything has been connected correctly.

    Next photo shows how to connect pylontech lithium battery to our 3 brand inverters

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