Lithium solar battery 200h / 12v UE-FT-12Li200

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    It supports connecting 4 batteries in series for 12 VDC models and 2 batteries in series for 24 VDC models, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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    Data sheet

    • Nominal voltage 12 volts
    • Nominal Capacity 200AH
    • Minimum Capacity 190 Ah
    • Charge Voltage 14.60
    • Nominal Voltage 12.80V
    • Low Voltage Protection 10.6V
    • Standard Charge Current 100AH
    • Standard Discharge Current 100AH
    • Cycle Life 2500 times
    • Warranty period 5 year

    Mechanical characteristics:

    • Length: 560mm
    • Width: 125mm
    • Height: 316mm
    • Weight: 20kg
    • Terminal Torque: 10,0 Nm




    • Up to 10 times longer lifespan
      The lifespan of our LFP lithium battery is 10 times longer than lead-acid battery
    • 60% faster charging
      Our batteries can be charged to 100% in one hour.
    • 70% less weight
      Lithium-ion batteries weigh one-third that of lead-acid batteries.
    • Without maintenance
      No maintenance is necessary, the BMS takes care of automatic repair of cell imbalance or other possible problems.
    • integrated protection
      Our lithium batteries incorporate a battery management system (BMS).
    • Safe battery
      No potential risk of explosions and fires. Lithium ferrophosphate is the safest and most stable lithium-ion battery technology.
    • 100% ADDITION
      Our battery operates for over 2.500 cycles at 100% DOD, compared to just 500 cycles at 80% DOD for a lead-acid battery.
    • Guarantee
      5-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
    • Wide range of work applications
      The list of applications and uses for our batteries is almost unlimited.
    • Significantly lower weight
    • 10 times longer life than lead acid
    • Green energy source with zero emissions
    • Batteries incorporate fully automatic protection
    • 99% efficiency
    • Safe LiFePO4 Technology
    • BCI and DIN standard sizes
    • Higher energy density
    • Endless applications


    La Lithium solar battery FT-12Li200 FRONT TERMINAL – LIFEPO4 POWER 


    Upower Ecoline 12V/24V LFP lithium monoblock batteries are designed and manufactured with characteristics of high energy density, safety and reliability, long useful life, etc. Thanks to their unique advantages, they are widely used in caravans, tourist buses, electric vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles, emergency lights, security control and other power supply equipment. Its universal dimensions and excellent performance offer the user an ideal direct replacement solution for the traditional lead-acid battery.


    They are composed of LiFePO4 battery cells in series and parallel with the following main characteristics: good safety performance, high energy density and high cycle life.


    Industrial laser welding is used, with a high degree of automation, low internal resistance and high energy efficiency, to ensure the quality of welding.


    It supports connecting 4 batteries in series for 12 VDC models and 2 batteries in series for 24 VDC models, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Built-in intelligent BMS, which allows you to optimize battery performance and safety by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, high and low temperature protection functions, etc.

    IP65 Protection Degree.

    The LFP lithium ion battery is environmentally friendly and has a low lifetime cost.

    The products are developed independently, so we have experienced engineers to provide technical support.


    Customized solutions can be offered based on user needs.

    This model is frequently used in the following applications: UPS, solar backup, military application, computer backup, emergency lighting, security system backup, engine starting, robots, industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, marine, small electronics, large off-grid energy storage and other deep cycle applications.


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