Solar Direct Submersible Pump

Operation of a solar submersible water pump:


A water pump or pumping system are devices that transform the energy (usually mechanical) with which it is actuated, into energy of the incompressible fluid that moves, which can be a liquid or a mixture of liquids. By increasing the energy of the fluid through water pumping, these hydraulic pumps increase their pressure, speed or height. Generally, water pumps or pumping systems are used to increase the pressure of a liquid by adding energy to the hydraulic system, to move the fluid from an area of ​​lower pressure or altitude to another of higher pressure or altitude. Therefore, these water pumps are a movement of liquids. These water pumps can be of different powers, complete solar pumping kits, metallic water pumps. We will choose these water pumps according to the aspiration and drive we want. If you have questions about choosing your water pump, do not hesitate to contact us.