This month of July, our Wccsolar – PlusEnergy technical team visited two installations with submersible solar pumping kits for wells of our clients in the town of Ciudad Real; If you want to know more about these facilities, we will tell you now:

    We carried out the visits on a farm that had a hunting area which had a 900w / 1.2cv Solar Pumping Kit installed Max flow rate. 2200 Liters/hour Max. height. 140 and on another property of the same size, this kit consists of: 4 x 330w Poly Solar Panel Configuration of 4 panels, 2 Parallels of 2 series, 1 x 900w Solar Water Pump, 1 x Pumping Regulator, 4 x MC4 Connectors, 1 x MC4 2in1 multiconnectors, 1 x Magnetothermal, 20 x Meters of 6mm2 cables, Well probes, Tank probes.

    The pump in this kit works from an input voltage of 72 volts with an efficiency of 98%, this pump also has a 2-year warranty as well as a 20-year warranty on performance.

    The reason for our visit was because the clients needed our professionals to provide advice and review on the assemblies that they carried out themselves since the Well probe did not give a good reading of the amount of water that was in them. For this reason, our professionals got to work and were able to locate this problem, which was the same in both installations.


    The cause of the problem was due to the connection that was made in these two installations which joined the well probe with the pump regulator. These connections had been made without taking the necessary precautionary measures always recommended since the cables were only connected with insulating tape without placing the heat-shrinkable tubes which, when placed and burned, emit a “Silicone Glue” which closes the joints very safely.

    In this way, the pump was removed, the splice previously made with a segment of cable was cut to correct the previous splice, the joints were made again as a work check outside the wells and everything was perfectly installed and placed again for work. of the submersible solar kit for well.

    In this way, our clients were very calm and happy with their installations and we confirmed our commitment to serving, helping and guiding our clients in the event of any problem with the guarantee that only Wccsolar – Plusenergy provides.

    See you on a next adventure…

    If you have any questions about solar pumping kits, do not hesitate to contact us. contact us We will help you solve your doubts.

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