Certifications in a Photovoltaic Electrical Installation

    Certifications in a Photovoltaic Electrical Installation

    What is an electrical bulletin or CIE?

    The Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) or simply the electrical bulletin, is a set of necessary technical documentation that all electrical installations must have in order for them to be legally put into service. Of course, it should be said that many internal photovoltaic installations do not have any certification. . In Spain, electrical installations are required to comply with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation (REBT) according to Royal Decree 842/2002. Only companies and professionals in electrical and photovoltaic installation services in the Integrated Industrial Registry can carry out the legal processing for the legalization of electrical installations.

    Who produces the electrical bulletin or CIE?

    An electrician company or professional authorized by the Ministry of Industry, prepared to carry out and maintain installations within the scope of the low voltage Electrotechnical Regulation.

    Grid-connected photovoltaic installations are classified as low-voltage generating installations, so in addition to having the basic category, the specialist category is required to be able to carry them out.

    What is an electrical bulletin?

    The CIE or electrical bulletin is the official document that certifies that an electrical installation meets the necessary requirements and has been installed by a company or professional authorized according to the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation, REBT. In connection photovoltaic installations, a technical report or design drawing prepared by the electrical professional is also required. The services offered by a professional when sizing installations that are carried out can be summarized:

    – Design of facilities adapted to current regulations.

    – Electrical installation certificate.

    – Technical design report, which includes: description of the circuits, maximum admissible power, voltage drops, calculations, etc.

    – Location plan of the electrical installation.

    – General and specific single-line diagram of the installation.

    – Documentation and instruction manuals.

    The documentation is presented at the industry delegation of the autonomous community corresponding to the location of the photovoltaic installation carried out, the competencies in the matter of the industry are transferred to each community. The fees are paid, which vary depending on the autonomous community and type of installation.

    Once the documentation is submitted, it may be an inspection by the administration or industry control (EICI), in which the installer must provide personnel to review the installation.


    Title of the installation: The owner of the installation is considered to be the natural or legal person who appears in the administration as responsible for the mandatory obligations in current regulations. This may be the owner, tenant, manager, user or any other person whose title is the trust. The electrical bulletin is automatically made in the name of the owner of the installation.

    Qualified installation company: The professional or company, who carries out the installation and who is qualified as an installation company in the category of installations for photovoltaic installations. In the case of new installation, modification or expansion thereof.

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