How to calculate electrical energy after installing solar panels

    How to calculate electrical energy after installing solar panels

    The contracted power represents a fixed part that we pay monthly on our electricity bill. It is represented in kilowatts (kW) and measures the quantity of electrical devices that can be used simultaneously in the residence without interruption of the supply or tripping of two cables (activation of the ICP).

    All this defines a regulated cost that is applied to cover the costs generated by the electrical system, known as an access portage attributed to the supply point. Therefore, the lower the consumption needs of the vehicle, the less it will be necessary to pay.

    By installing solar panels we reduce the electricity consumption of the electrical network, so we achieve improvements in the fixed part of our electricity consumption through the reduction of contracted electrical energy. See how.

    Aspects to be considered and electrical energy calculation methods

    Different factors must be taken into consideration when calculating the electrical power needed for a vehicle, the most important being:

    – Consumption in kW/h of all appliances and electric devices, and how many are used simultaneously

    – The needs of the use of light and schedules of the inhabitants of the house

    – The size of the car, represented in square meters

    Next, to carry out the calculation, different methodologies can be used, such as the following:

    – Conducting a free power study. For example, Selectra estimates free of charge the necessary power of the house in accordance with the client's needs and supply conditions.

    – Hire an authorized electrician, who comes to the residence to determine the characteristics of the supply and calculate the most appropriate power.

    – Using an online power calculator, which allows you to know an estimate of the power that must be contracted, providing the characteristics of the house, two appliances and two inhabitants

    Steps to change contracted power

    To change the contracted power we will have to contact our electricity supplier with the following documentation:

    – Details of the contract holder: name, surname, identification document and contact

    – Kilowatts of current electrical energy

    – Kilowatts of power that you wish to contract

    – Postal information of the vehicle and CUPS electricity code

    The process will take effect within a maximum period of 20 days and can be carried out in person at our desks, although the use of telephone or online channels is recommended for greater speed.

    What is the price for altering the contracted electrical energy?

    The price of alteration of the contracted power in a room constitutes a set of regulated direitos for the distributor of the area. It represents a single payment that must be paid on the next electricity bill, once the energy change has occurred.

    To reduce the contracted power you will have to pay exclusively to the connection tax, which does not depend on the number of kilowatts reduced, therefore you will always have a cost of €9,04, plus VAT.

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