How to choose the right PWM regulator and how it works.

    How to choose the right PWM regulator and how it works.

    The PWM solar regulator within a solar installation is a very important component, since it is responsible for the charging process of our batteries or accumulators, allowing the passage of energy or cutting off the passage in relation to the requirement of the batteries.

    For the correct choice of this type of devices. First of all, it must be taken into account that the PWM solar charge controller is limited by amperes (A), so a 10 amp solar charge controller supports up to a total of 10 amps in panels, since a 150 amp panel 10W gives an intensity less than 8,2A, to be specific, a maximum of 10A for this type of panel is valid for a XNUMXA PWM regulator from any manufacturer.

    Now we will explain with a practical example the correct way to choose a PWM solar charge regulator with a 150W Polycrystalline solar panel.

    The 150W panel has a voltage of 18,3V and current of 8,2A, so its power is 150W, so remember that:

    Voltage x Amperage = Watts

    18,3V x 8,2A = 150,06W

    In this case, it happens that the PWM solar charge regulator technology, unlike an MPPT solar charge regulator, reduces the voltage produced by the 18V panel to the battery charging voltage (13V), also reducing the input power. from solar panel.

    This is why the manufacturer's sticker shows 13V x 10A = 130W (it refers to the useful power and not the maximum power on the panel sticker).

    The PWM solar charge regulator takes advantage of the 150W panel between 105W and 115W approximately in the best conditions when the panel is delivering its maximum current since there is always a margin of energy loss, which does not occur in the case of charge regulators. MPPT.

    If you want a solar charge regulator taking advantage of all the available panel power, the right thing to do is to choose an MPPT solar charge regulator which makes the panel produce a minimum 30% improvement in the panel's performance.

    If you have questions about the compatibility or recommendations between a PWM, MPPT regulator and a solar panel contact us and without obligation our team at WCCSOLAR will advise you on this matter.

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