How to choose the best compensation for your photovoltaic surpluses

    How to choose the best compensation for your photovoltaic surpluses

    In Spain, the sale or compensation of surplus unconsumed energy is allowed for all users who have an installation of solar panels in their supply.

    To benefit from this compensation, it is necessary that the system remains connected to the electrical grid and, in addition, the following requirements must be met:

    – That the supply does not exceed 100 kW of contracted power

    – Have a bidirectional counter

    – That the owner cannot profit from it

    The price received for the surplus will depend on the price agreed with the electricity company in the contract, therefore, below we are going to give you the keys so that you can find the most beneficial rate for your property.

    Free or regulated light marketer

    The first step to achieve the maximum savings provided by surplus energy is to carry out a comparison to choose between the regulated or free rate. Remember to take into account the price you will pay for electricity when the solar panels do not produce electricity due to lack of radiation.

    Regulated rate or PVPC

    The reference marketers are 8 and operate exclusively with a rate called PVPC (Voluntary Small Consumer Price), whose prices are as follows:

    – The price of the kWh of electricity that we consume is set based on market supply and demand and is semi-regulated by the Government, therefore, it has different prices every day and every hour.

    – The price of the energy surplus is valued at the average hourly price, which is currently around €0,05 and €0,06/kWh

    Electricity consumption is experiencing large increases this year and, consequently, so is the price at which surpluses are compensated.

    Free rates

    There are more than 300 free marketers and they establish their rates and contract conditions independently of each other.

    This means that both the price of the kWh of electricity consumed, as well as that of the surplus energy, is valued based on the rate that we decide to contract, allowing us to obtain very advantageous offers and promotions.

    What is the best rate with surplus compensation?

    If you have just installed solar panels in your home, or are thinking about doing so, and want to opt for the self-consumption modality with surpluses, we recommend making a comparison between the different offers on the market.

    You should know that choosing one or the other is a completely personalized process, depending not only on the price, but also on the consumption habits and needs of the property.

    Therefore, what is good for one may not be the most beneficial for another, and in this sense, it is vital to seek advice from a professional.

    Below we indicate the most important aspects to take into account when choosing between the best electricity rates:

    – The price per kilowatt hour of energy consumed

    – The price per kilowatt hour of the surplus

    – The duration of the discounts or promotions

    – Stays and penalties

    – Additional maintenance services

    – The electricity consumption schedules of the property's inhabitants

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