How to install a solar sewage pump

    How to install a solar sewage pump

    This video shows how to install the solar sewage pump

    Maintenance of solar pool purification kit or solar purifier

    Solar pool treatment kits

    Information about solar pool treatment kit

    The objective of these solar pool purifier kit or solar pool purifier pump kit is efficiency and quick return on investment realized in the form of savings, as well as easy installation and maintenance, therefore, in case of If you do not find the ideal installation for your conditions among our solar pool solar kit or solar pool purifier kit, do not hesitate to contact us, we will carry out a study of your characteristics to offer you the most suitable pool purifier pump and solar panels set for your needs. . This solar pool purification kit with solar pool pump works directly without batteries, which means less investment, less maintenance and a shorter payback period. The ideal solution!

    Components of the solar pool purifier pump kit

    The main components for the operation of a solar pool purification kit are the solar panels, the solar water pumping controller and the pool purification pump. The use of structures for solar panels is very common to attach them to any surface, be it roof, floor, metal roof or wall. This type of solar installation for a pool purifier or solar panels for a pool does not use batteries, it only uses the energy captured by the solar panels for its operation. With this system, our pool pump will work only during the day, achieving a completely sustainable and autonomous system with direct current, which requires fewer solar panels than a conventional pump that has to work with a pump drive or inverter pump. If you want to use your current pool purification pump with solar panels, contact us and we will quote you a kit adapted to your needs and you will start saving on your electricity bill. In no kit do we offer the sand filter and the selector valve.

    Installation of solar pool purification pump kits

    Installing these solar kits for pools or solar energy panels for pools is simple, if you decide to do it yourself, you will not be alone, we will provide you with all the guidance you need. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions about installing a solar pool treatment kit or choosing your pool pump. With the solar pool purification kit, obtain a clean, effective and simple system for purifying solar pools at a low cost and without special maintenance needs.

    Maintenance of solar pool treatment kits

    As previously specified, solar pool purification kits have a multitude of elements that allow the energy autonomy of the system, so for the solar pool purification kit to work with maximum efficiency, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance. the same. each of its elements.

    You can consult the necessary maintenance of each of its parts in the technical sheet of each product separately.

    Guarantee of solar pool purifier kits

    Solar purification kits for swimming pools have the manufacturer's warranty for each of their components. For more information on what warranty period each of its parts covers, consult the technical sheet.

    The warranty will be applicable as long as the use of the component or kit is correct and the manufacturer's recommendations have been followed.

    Buy cheap solar pool treatment kit

    At PlusEnergy, in addition to purchasing a cheap solar pool treatment kit, you will receive free advice from our team of professionals without obligation.

    Buying a kit with solar panels for pool purification is fast, safe, convenient and with a manufacturer's warranty at PlusEnergy.

    If you have any questions or concerns in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of professionals will assist you without obligation and will advise you on the solar pool purification kits best suited to your needs.

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