How to program the solar submersible controller

    How to program the solar submersible controller

    This video shows you how to program the submersible pump controller.

    Solar Water Pumping KitInformation about direct solar water pumping kits

    Direct solar water pumping kits or solar pump kits have become an economical and ecological solution for many farmers and individuals who live in isolated areas. To this end, direct solar water pumping kits offer features that are difficult to compare to other pumping systems that compete with direct solar water pumping kits.

    These direct solar water pumping kits allow you to pump water either from a well to a container or direct irrigation with much superior technology and lower operating costs thanks to years of experience in development. In addition to this, our brand specialized in direct solar water pumping kits has made a great effort to obtain the most resistant and reliable materials for these direct solar water pumping kits. Currently our solar water pumps work directly with photovoltaic energy (they are powered by direct current) and are capable of pumping water from the surface or from wells of good depth.

    How does direct solar pumping work?

    The operation of the pump is totally variable depending on the power supplied by the photovoltaic panels. The operating curve of the pumps is normal operation, that is, working at 100%. Operating hours working at 100% depends on peak solar hours.

    By estimating the hours of peak sunshine with constant solar irradiation of 1000W/m2 we can know the hours of operation of the pump at its nominal power.

    In short, direct solar pumping systems work without batteries so they will operate whenever there is solar radiation. That is, the system is activated when the solar panels receive photovoltaic energy early in the day, offers maximum performance in the central hours of the day and reduces its productivity as night approaches due to the lack of sufficient photovoltaic energy to activation of the pumping system. It is an installation with a quick amortization and highly recommended as long as it is expected to operate during daylight hours regardless of inactivity at night.

    We have the possibility of easily consulting on the internet at peak sun hours depending on the geographical area, in this way we will ensure the operating hours of the direct solar pumping system. Depending on the location, the following peak solar hours are usually estimated:

    • Winter: 3.5 hours of peak sunshine.

    • Summer: 7 hours of peak sun.

    For more information about the operation or size of your direct solar pumping system, contact us and our technical team will advise you without obligation.

    Installation of direct solar pumping kit

    When installing any solar pumping kit, solar pumping kit for wells or direct solar pumping kit, you must take into account the possibility of being able to place a water accumulation tank at a height, in this way the water can be distributed by gravity and there is no need to install a second pump to give pressure to the irrigation or overly complicate the solar installation by adding more power. If, on the other hand, this possibility does not exist, or you need to pump water 24 hours a day, you can consider installing batteries together with the solar pumping kit or complementing the direct solar pumping with energy from the electrical grid. or a generator.

    Types of Direct Solar Water Pumps

    Currently for any solar pumping kit, there are several ways to run a water pump through photovoltaic solar panels with solar pumping or solar pumping kit for wells, our solar pumping kits or solar submersible solar pump kit. Furthermore, to guarantee satisfactory operation of the solar pump, PlusEnergy recommends installing solar power 1,5 times the nominal power of the pump. Broadly speaking, the types of direct solar pumping that PlusEnergy offers are the following:

    The solar submersible pumping kit or solar well pump kit significantly reduces the number of panels to be installed since the pump works at a voltage very close to that of the panels and no drives or other electrical components are needed to operate the system. Generally, a solar pumping kit has a solar controller that is responsible for maximizing the performance of the solar panel and ensuring a stable and constant voltage to power the pump. There are continuous pumps from lowest to highest power.

    Where to use direct solar water pumping kits

    Direct solar water pumping kits for solar pumping are a very practical solution when drinking or irrigation water is needed in isolated places, when water is needed to supply livestock, etc.

    Small direct solar water pumping kits can be made through water pumps that operate in direct current, so that we do not need to transform the current into three-phase to be able to supply the water pump. For water pumping kits, solar pump kits or small direct solar pumping kits, there are submersible and surface pumps, and all cases can be useful.

    Components of Direct Solar Water Pumping Kits

    In direct solar water pumping kits there are four main elements:

    • Solar panels, depending on the power that the solar pumping kit needs to have and the amount of water that needs to be extracted.

    • A solar pump controller, a device responsible for getting the most out of the solar panels of the solar pumping installation, also regulates the operation of the water pump.

    • The submersible water pump.

    • Probes for both tank and well.

    What pump model do I need for my direct solar pumping system?

    The correct sizing of the direct solar pumping system depends on the needs of each installation. It is an essential requirement to know the calculations and know how to read the information and tables from the manufacturer of each direct solar pumping system for the correct choice of the pump.

    Data necessary to size a direct solar pumping system.

    Knowing the flow rate of the direct solar pumping system is important for correct sizing and it is about the necessary water demand, that is, the necessary liters/hour of delivery. The pump is what establishes the amount of fluid that can be transported. The unit of measurement for flow is m3.

    The manometric head of the direct solar pumping system is another of the essential variables for the correct choice of the water pump, and it is the maximum delivery head, taking into account water depth, travel distances of the delivery water, necessary pressure and losses in pipe. The unit of measurement is meters of manometric height expressed in (mca). Within this variable we differentiate:

    • The delivery head of the direct solar pumping system, that is, the vertical and horizontal distance between the pump and the final delivery point.

    • The suction height of the direct solar pumping system is the vertical distance between the place where the water is located and the pump installation distance. This value does not have to be taken into account in submersible pumps.

    • The pressure of the direct solar pumping system is another variable to take into account and is the force that acts on the fluid. It is estimated 10 mca for each bar of pressure.

    • And finally, the pressure losses of the direct solar pumping system are pressure losses in the fluid related to small leaks, elbows, pipe roughness. We usually standardize the losses in 10 mca at the manometric height to avoid losing impulse at the end point.

    Calculation of the manometric head of the direct solar pumping system

    The following example is presented: we have a well 30 meters deep, the maximum height from the well to the tank is 20 meters and we need 1 bar of pressure. We always estimate 10 mca of head losses. As it is a system with a submersible pump, we will not take into account the suction height. We perform a simple calculation to estimate the manometric height:

    Manometric Head = Delivery Head + Pressure + Losses + Suction Head =

    Manometric Height = (30+20) + (10) + (10) + (0) =

    Flow estimation

    It is very important to estimate the necessary flow, it depends on the type of consumption of the pumping system that we are going to carry out, that is, irrigation, supply for livestock or for domestic use. Continuing with the example, we estimate a demand of 3.5m3 per hour, that is, around 3500 liters/hour.

    Customization of direct solar water pumping kits

    Any of our solar submersible pumping solar kits can be customizable by our technicians depending on your needs, therefore, although the solar water pumping kits show the most demanded options, in any case you can add, eliminate or change any of the elements of the direct solar water pumping kit.

    Contact us so that our professionals can carry out a personalized study and send you a quote that perfectly covers your needs.

    Maintenance of direct solar water pumping kits

    These solar pumping kits, direct solar pumping, solar well pumping or solar irrigation pumping, submersible well pumping kit require virtually no maintenance. Consult the technical sheet of each of the elements of the direct solar water pumping kit for more information.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the maintenance of the direct solar water pumping kits.

    Direct Solar Water Pumping Kits Warranty

    The direct solar water pumping kits have a manufacturer's warranty for each of their components.

    The guarantee will be applicable as long as the use of the solar pumping kit installation has been correct, as well as the use of each of the elements that make up the direct solar pumping kit or submersible well pumping kit.

    For more information about the warranty period and the cases in which the warranty is irrevocably voided, consult the technical information of the product or contact us.

    Installing a direct solar water pumping kit

    At PlusEnergy we recommend that the installation of a direct solar water pumping kit be carried out by professional installers.

    We offer you the service of professionals so that they can travel to any point to carry out the installation, start-up and commissioning of the direct solar water pumping kits.

    The installation and commissioning service is available both for the installation of direct solar water pumping kits and for the rest of the products on our website, contact us for more information.

    Buy direct solar pumping kit

    Buying a direct solar water pumping kit is easy, fast and safe thanks to the PlusEnergy service, because, in addition to offering you the best products, with a guarantee of operation and a set-up service, they are also at your disposal to advise you for free. about which direct solar water pumping kit is recommended based on its characteristics and needs.

    Buy cheap direct solar pumping kit

    All PlusEnergy direct solar pumping kits have the best guaranteed price, performance guarantee and speed of delivery. Buying a cheap direct solar pumping kit has never been easier. Contact us and we will advise you for free without obligation.

    At PlusEnergy we remain at your disposal to clarify any questions about what type of solar water pumping kit is recommended in your case, as well as to advise you on any of the products on our website, Contact us without obligation.

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