REVO-E 24v/48v Hybrid Inverter Configuration

    REVO-E 24v/48v Hybrid Inverter Configuration

    Introducing the PlusEnergy REVO-E II 3000w/5500w 24v/48v mppt 90 hybrid inverter, it is an inverter that works as OFF Grid and On Grid (RED or Isolated injection) with solar panel input of up to 500 volts. The new hybrid inverter model allows operation with and without batteries. Only by connecting the solar panels to the hybrid inverter will we have a 230v output to be able to carry out self-consumption installations, power pumps or function as a pure wave inverter in isolated installations. The power factor is 1 so the device delivers 3000w/5500 reals and is parallelizable up to 9 devices.

    • Works without batteries.

    • Self-consumption and power supply to the grid With or without batteries.

    • Programmable supply priority for Solar Panel, Battery or Grid

    • User adjustable charging current and voltage

    • Multiple programmable operating modes: on-grid, off-grid, and on-grid with backup

    • Monitoring software for real-time status visualization and control

    • Parallel operation of up to 9 units.

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