Discover our Pool Purifier and Water Pump kits.

    Discover our Pool Purifier and Water Pump kits.

    Good afternoon, today we bring you the pool purification kits and the extraction kit with water pump.

    These kits are very helpful since with the purifier kit you will always have the pool water in good condition all year round.

    With the water extraction kit you can have the amount of water you need for your animals, your crops, etc.

    Water purifier kit.

    This pool pump can offer a water flow of up to 10000 to 16000 liters/hour, and allows you to operate with free electricity from the sun and without paying electricity to the power company.

    The approximate operation of the pump will be 8 hours/day in summer and 5-6 hours/day in winter.

    This pump allows the direct use of the pool pump using solar panels and without the need for energy from the grid or accumulation in batteries.

    The purification pump works at 24v, 60v and 72v voltage and starts automatically during the hours when there is greater solar radiation. In this way, water purification is carried out during the summer or every day of the year.

    How do I calculate my purifier kit?

    1. You need to know pool measurements

    A. 3m wide x 4m long x 1,5m deep

    2. You have to multiply everything and multiply the result by 1000 Liters

    A. 3x4x1,5×1000=18000L

    3. The result will be the liters that the pool of water has, which we can look at within each solar kit to obtain the ideal kit we have to multiply the liters that it puts on the website x4 hours of more efficient light.

    Solar kit 550W – 3/4hp purifier for clean pool 15000 liters/hour

    Water Pump Kit

    The direct solar submersible water pump works directly with the electricity produced by the solar panels. It is not necessary to store energy in batteries, since consumption is instantaneous when it occurs.

    The pump will operate on average between 5 and 8 hours a day, which will correspond to the hours of the day with the greatest solar radiation. The pump will start when the solar panel generates the minimum sufficient energy.

    Using a pipe, the water is transported from the well to a tank for storage or directly to a field in case you want to carry out direct irrigation in a plantation.

    How do I calculate my purifier kit?

    1. Know at what height you need the depth pump. (example 15m)

    2. Know what channel per hour you need (2000L)

    3. Look at each kit table to know which one you need

    4. Go from Liters to m3

    A. 2000L/1000= 2m3

    5. Under these criteria, the kit that could be good for us is

    A. Solar kit Pumping 1100w / 1.5cv Max. flow. 3300 Liters/hour Height 106 meters

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