Discover our Network Injection kit

    Discover our Network Injection kit

    Good afternoon, today we present our network injection kits.

    Applications for grid connection or direct self-consumption kits

    Grid Connection Kits, Solar Kits with Grid Connection or Zero Discharge Grid Injection Solar Kits are an excellent choice for country houses or homes in the city that have an electrical grid, or for components where consumption is used during the day. With the direct photovoltaic self-consumption Kits, daytime expenditure will be considerably reduced because during the day electricity from the electricity company will not be consumed, but rather the energy obtained through the solar panels of the Grid Connection Kit will be consumed with zero discharge.

    For applications that are constantly connected during sunny hours, such as air conditioning, Solar Grid Connection Kits are very profitable, since with the installation of a Solar Grid Connection Kit the electricity bill is considerably reduced.

    Operation of Grid Connection or Grid Injection Kits

    In the grid injection solar kit, grid connection solar kit, self-consumption solar kit with grid connection, all the energy produced by the solar panels of these grid connection kits will be used directly by the consumer. That is, during daylight hours the solar panels will capture sunlight to convert it into electrical energy. This electrical current (continuous) must pass through the inverter to become alternating current with the same characteristics as the current provided by the grid. The inverters for solar panels in these Direct Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Solar Kits are the ones that will determine the power of the installation. If you have questions about what type of Grid Connection Solar Kit is recommended based on your needs, contact us.

    Calculation to choose network connection kit.

    1. Look on the bill to see how much kWh you spend and for how long

    A. 330Kwh in 1 Month

    2. Divide KWh spent transformed into wh (multiplying the kWh by 1000) by the time in days.

    A. (330kwh*1000)/30 = 11000wh/day

    3. The result of the wh per day is divided between the 4 most efficient hours of light channeled by the solar panels

    A. 11000wh/4h= 2750wh

    4. This result is what will help us find our most effective network injection kit.

    A. Solar kit 3000wh Self-consumption grid injection (€2.398,00)

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