Deye Smart meter Single-phase / Three-phase meter sensor

    95,00 - 165,00 (VAT included)


    Manual Deye Smart Meter Single Phase

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    Eastron SDM120CT Single Phase 230v:

    SDM120CT PLUS guide rail mounted single-phase electronic electric energy meters. It is used to monitor and display grid power (voltage, current frequency and power) and transfer this information to solar inverter via RS485 communication in a zero export system. SDM120CT PLUS series three-phase four-wire electronic energy meter (din rail) is designed based on the demands of energy monitoring and measurement for photovoltaic plants, etc. It is mainly applied in measuring and displaying network parameters in zero export system, including network voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, etc.


    Eastron SDM 630 MCT Three-phase 380v:

    The wattmeter Eastron SDM 630 MCT It is a three-phase meter that accurately shows the electrical consumption of the installation, communicating it to the inverter through the RS485 Modbus protocol. This wattmeter is compatible with DEYE inverters.

    Electrical consumption measurement and fast interface communication allows the inverter limit power to what the facility (business, industrial, residential) is consuming at that moment.

    With this EASTRON SDM 630 MCT wattmeter you can choose the possibility of do not pour into the network the unused surplus solar production.

    The main characteristics of this wattmeter are:

    • Three Phase
    • RS485 Modbus
    • Up to 9999A with CT
    • DIN mounting 35mm
    • Accuracy greater than Class 1
    • Bidirectional measurement



    The installation of this battery model is very simple, however at Wccsolar we recommend that you be installed by a photovoltaic professional, or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid poor connections and breakdowns due to incorrect installation.


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    Eastron SDM120CT Single Phase

    General specifications
    Dimensions (height x width x depth) 100 x 36 x 65,5 mm 
    Mounting type DIN35 rail
    Weight (including cables) 1,2 kg 
    Fuente de alimentación
    Mains type 1P2W 
    Input power (phase voltage) 176 VAC ~ 288 VAC
    Power consumption ≤ 0,8W
    Measuring range
    Line voltage /
    Phase voltage 176 VAC ~ 288 VAC
    Current 0 ~ 100 A
    Measurement accuracy
    Voltage ±0,5%
    Current / Power / Energy ±1%
    Frequency ±0,01 Hz
    RS485 interface
    Baud rate 9600 bps
    Modbus – RTU communication protocol
    Operating temperature range -25°C ~ 60°C
    Storage temperature range -40°C ~ 70°C
    Operating humidity 5% RH ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

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    Eastron SDM630MCT Three Phase

    Max. continuous current measurement (A)

    1-9999A (with CT)

    Continuous voltage measurement between phases

    50-950V // 50-550V

    Direct measurement between phase and neutral


    active power

    Class 1

    reactive power

    Class 2

    Power consumption


    AC power supply input voltage


    AC power supply input frequency

    50/60Hz ±2%

    Dimensions (mm)

    × × 72 94.5 65

    Weight (Kg)

    0, 29

    Mounting options

    Din rail

    IP protection degree




    Communication interface


    Max. number of devices to connect


    Regulated working temperature range

    -25ºC ~ + 55ºC


    0-95% non-condensing


    3 years

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