DEYE System 100KW Back UP 100%

    DEYE System 100KW Back UP 100%

    Industrial System 100kw (30 GB-L + 5BMS) of batteries with two DEYE 50KW HYBRID Inverters connected in parallel, total of 100KW.

    100% isolated system (full backup)

    The Advantage of Sun-50KHybrid Plus:

    • Lithium BMS Brands Compatibility List

    • 100% unbalanced output, each phase Maximum output up to 50% of rated power

    • DC couple and AC couple to upgrade existing solar system

    • Maximum 10 pieces in parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation Supports multiple batteries in parallel

    • Maximum charge/discharge current of 37A

    • High voltage battery, higher efficiency.

    • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging

    • Support diesel generator energy storage

    • 3-MPPT

    • Network Injection

    • Zero injection

    • Works with batteries

    • Works without batteries

    • P65 (Allows outdoor installation)

    • Telecommunications with all brands of Lithium batteries

    • 5 years warranty

    • Entrance with solar panel

    • Works On grid and Off grid at the same time

    • Works in parallel between inverters

    • Applications App (distance control)

    • Official Telecommunications with Lithium Batteries: Pylontech, Dyness HIGH VOLTAGE 160-700VDC ETC….

    • Wi-Fi

    • 160-700VDC high voltage battery, transformer isolation design

    • 6 time periods to charge/discharge the battery

    • Max. 50A+50A charge/discharge current

    • DC pair and AC pair to retrofit existing solar system

    • Support diesel generator energy storage

    • Unique smart charging app and grid peak reduction function

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