Choose a solar kit according to my needs

    Choose a solar kit according to my needs

    Normally every energy calculation is closely related to the consumption needs of the home or the place where it is required. Therefore, we can always roughly see three types of consumption:

    Do you know which Solar Kit to choose? Here we give you the guidelines.

    – Places or homes with low consumption that require 250Wh/day to 1800Wh/day for these consumptions, the power of investor will be 1000 watts a 2000 watts and counting on batteries monobloc o AGM 12 volts from 85 to 250 amps.

    – Places or homes with average consumption that require from 2000Wh/day to 4900Wh/day for these consumptions the power of investor it will be about 3000 watts a 5000 watts and the appropriate 6 or 2 volt batteries, also including 24 volt batteries of 400 to 1200 amps.

    – Places or homes with high consumption that require 5000Wh/day to 9800Wh/day for these consumptions, the inverter power will be from 8000 watts a 10000 watts the appropriate 2 volt batteries from 400 to 2250 amps, counting on 48 volt battery banks.

    Un Solar kit defines its production, autonomy and power by: Solar Panels, inverter, batteries. The other components are also important in the system but do not directly intervene in its power and autonomy. We move on to explain the main function of each element that intervenes directly:

    Solar panels responsible for obtaining and generating photovoltaic energy. They are one of the most sensitive parts of the photovoltaic installation, since the work is defined by the climate: rainy days, with little sun and night hours will not obtain the expected energy, hence the importance as a recommendation of having a generator to invest or Grid connection to power the batteries to maintain the home's usual consumption.

    Converter directly related to the power of the solar installation, hence the importance of knowing the consumption and appliances that will be connected at the same time; since their correct functioning will depend on this in relation to their consumption needs in watts.

    Batteries They will allow energy autonomy and will define consumption times in relation to energy needs. These will be fed by the real-time production of the solar.

    Batteries usually guarantee energy autonomy in relation to the periods of use given to them; weekend use is very different from daily use.

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