solar equipment

    solar equipment

    Kit with battery or grid injection kit?

    Kits with batteries are used in areas that are not reached by the electricity company, that do not have good service or are remote areas, since they have batteries that are used to keep the light on all day and all night.

    Grid entry kits are used in installations where the grid can reach but you want to save money. These kits typically save 70% on electricity costs.

    Kits with Batteries

    When choosing what type of kits will be most convenient for us, we must take into account the following options:
    1. Where is it installed?
    A. RVs, boats, and very small installations use 12V systems.
    B. 24V systems are used for homes for vacation use, weekends, country houses, with low energy consumption (apartments, single-family homes).
    C. For houses with normal use with higher energy consumption, e.g. B. Chalets, 48 ​​V systems are used.
    2. What have we connected to the network?
    A. It usually depends on what we have connected to make a good battery selection, since each battery gives you a different benefit.
    B. Lights, televisions and refrigerators generally require installations with 3 or 5 panels and 3 batteries
    C. Tools, dryers, washing machines, large appliances, require installations of 6 or 8 panels and 4 to 6 batteries.
    3. How many KW do I use?
    A. The quickest answer is to look at our example electricity bill, there you can see how many kW we use over the course of the month or months depending on the type of contract.
    i) 330 kWh in 1 month
    B. Divide the KWh consumed converted to W (multiply the kWh by 1000) by the time in days.
    i) (330 kWh*1000)/30 = 11000 W/day
    C. The result of W per day is divided by the most efficient 4 hours of light channeled by the solar panels.
    i) 11000Wh/4h = 2750Wh
    D. This result will help us find our kit.
    i) Solar Kit 24v 2500w Hybrid Inverter (€4.369,00)

    Mains power

    1. Check your bill to see how many kWh you consume and how long it takes
    A. 330 kWh in 1 month
    2. Divide the KWh consumed converted to Wh (multiply the kWh by 1000) by the time in days.
    A. (330 kWh*1000)/30 = 11000 Wh/day
    3. The result of Wh per day is divided by the most efficient 4 hours of light channeled by the solar panels.
    A. 11000Wh/4h = 2750Wh
    4. This result will help us find our most effective network injection kit.
    A. 3000 Wh solar kit for self-consumption grid injection (€2.398,00)

    Solar submersible pumps (promotion)

    1. Know how high your depth pump should be. (example 15m)
    2. Do you know what flow rate per hour you need (2000 l)?
    3. Look at the table for each kit to know which one you need
    4. Convert from liters to m3.
    A. 2000L/1000= 2m3
    5. Among these criteria is the first aid kit that may come in handy
    A. Solar pump kit 1100 W / 1,5 HP maximum 3300 liters/hour height 106 meters

    Solar system

    1. You need to know the dimensions of the pool
    A. 3m wide x 4m long x 1,5m deep
    2. You need to multiply everything and multiply the result by 1000 liters
    A 3x4x1.5×1000=18000L
    3. The result is the liters that the water tank has, which we can take into account in each solar kit to achieve the ideal kit. We need to multiply the liters put into the grid by 4 hours of more efficient light.
    550W Solar Kit – 3/4 HP purifier for clean pool 15000 liters/hour

    Whenever you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our telephone number 854556349, by email or through our Contact Form.

    Please note that no kit automatically comes with any support. You must select them at the time of purchase based on your needs.

    Perforated roof structures

    They are designed to be installed in a horizontal position with the same slope as the existing roof. Vertical installation is also possible, forming a vertical column. Designed to withstand stresses such as snow and wind, made entirely of high quality aluminum, while the screws and accessories are made of stainless steel.

    Sandwich roof structures

    Special anchoring for sheet metal roofs. This structure is made of aluminum and maintains the same slope of the roof on which it is installed. It is a universal structure that adapts to any brand of disc. Installation is easy and requires no technical knowledge.

    Structures with flat or less inclined roofs

    Designed to be able to anchor the solar panels to the ground, whether on a flat roof of a building or on the ground, we have different inclination angles to adapt all structures to the needs that arise.

    Caravan or boat supports

    We have solar panel mounts that are perfect for RVs, trucks, boats, or any surface where drilling is not convenient. Since it is not necessary to drill holes and thanks to the cable gland, water from entering with rain or snow is prevented.

    Whenever you have any type of query, do not hesitate to contact us through our phone number 854556349 or an e-mail at or on our part of contact

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