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WccSolar offers aluminum structures and supports for installation with solar panels . These universal photovoltaic structures are adaptable to any brand and type of panel within the different measurement ranges offered.


They are also prepared to be placed on conventional roofs, sheet roofs , and on flat or floor surfaces , either on the ground itself or on a flat roof. Structures have been designed for up to 6 panels each line. If you need a larger structure, ask us for a price and we will make a customized budget.

Estructura para paneles solares modelo Tejado Perforante.

Aluminum Perforating Structure

for Rooftop Solar Panels

For all types of Solar Plates

Estructura para paneles solares modelo Tejado Sandwich chapa

Aluminum structure for

Solar Panels on Roof Sandwich Sheet

For all types of Solar Plates

Estructura para paneles solares modelo Aluminio suelo.

Aluminum structure for
Solar Panels on Ground

For all types of Solar Plates

Estructura para paneles solares modelo Autocarvana.

Supports for Solar Panels
in motorhomes or caravans

For Caravaning Solar Plates

Structure for roof or floor solar panels with aluminum profiles, supports and posts for WccSolar solar panels with free shipping


The type of structure or support for solar panels used with different types of solar panels is an essential element for the maximum use of solar radiation. That's why at PlusEnergy we offer you all kinds of solar panel structures that ensure proper inclination depending on your base. The PlusEnergy structures are manufactured to withstand temperature changes, strong wind gusts and have an unbeatable durability with warranty for years.

Structures for Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Information about Structure for Solar Panels and Supports

The good performance of a solar installation is strongly determined by the orientation of the solar panels, and this is responsible for the structures of solar panels and supports for solar panels. The structures for solar panels offered at PlusEnergy cover all the needs that any installation may have. There is a wide range of structures and supports for solar panels according to the number we need to place, the orientation you want to give and the location.

What Solar Structures or solar panel supports offer

The structures for solar panels or solar panel supports will determine the orientation of the solar panel with respect to the ground depending on how the solar panel structure is installed. The orientation is what determines the maximum use of the material. Generally, 30 or 60 degrees orientations are acquired. The structures and supports for solar panels offered by PlusEnergy are made of hot galvanized steel, and the screws and other parts are made of stainless steel and galvanized, so that all structures and supports of solar panels withstand extreme weather conditions.

What factors to consider when choosing the structure for solar panels?

The structure for installing solar panels is an important element in solar installations, since it performs a double function: the correct fastening of solar panels and the possibility of changing the orientation and / or inclination of the panels in order to obtain greater performance of the solar installation.

Together with the orientation and inclination, the type of surface where the panels are to be installed thanks to the supports for solar panels, is one of the most important parameters when choosing the structure.

In order to take advantage of the maximum performance of a solar panel in Spain, it will have to be oriented as far as possible to the south, to optimize its performance.

There are different types of structures for photovoltaic modules depending on the surface where they are to be installed:

- Structure for metal roof: designed to be able to install the solar panels on a metal roof with a certain inclination. The inclination of the structure and the roof will be the same.

- Tile roof structure: They are designed to be able to anchor the solar panels to any tile roof. It is a coplanar type structure since the roof's angle of fall cannot be modified. These types of structures on tiles, allow not having to drill them in case they are loose, since they include a salvage that allows anchoring the structure and putting on top the profiles on which the solar panels are fastened.

- Elevated structure: This type of support allows solar panels to be installed at a certain height (about 3 meters) with south orientation. 1 to 12 solar panels can be installed on this type of support for solar panels.

- Floor structure: As its name indicates, it is a solar panel structure adapted to be able to install the solar panels on the ground or on a flat roof. We have several angles of inclination 20º-25º-30º. The structures include all the fasteners for anchoring the solar panels.

- Wall structure: This structure is the definitive solution to be able to install the solar panels on a surface that is flat vertical and thus be able to give them the appropriate inclination to maximize their production.

All these structures are made of aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Types of Structures and supports for Solar Panels

There are different names for solar panel structures depending on where they are going to be located:

- Structures type "B" and type "H": are those that are placed in a column, so that the panel is suspended in the air.

- Solar structures of type "V", which are located on the ground or on a flat terrace.

- Structures type "A", for power panels between 280 and 325W above ground.

- Structures type "S" where the panel rests on the structure, and this one with a certain orientation with the ground.

All the structures and supports of solar panels offered here are guaranteed.

For more information on the installation of solar panels Contact us, we will be happy to explain how to optimize solar energy for homes according to your needs

Inclination of the structure for solar panels on a roof

An incorrect inclination is one that does not optimize the structure efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels in the peak sun hours of the photovoltaic installation because the panels are located in such a way that the maximum possible photovoltaic energy is not obtained. The inclination of the solar panels is an element that in many occasions is not taken into account but that is essential to guarantee the efficiency of the installation.

Although the structures for solar panels on roofs have an inclination, in each case the appropriate inclination to optimize the efficiency of the panels must be calculated.

Separation between rows of solar panel structures

Another doubt about the fixing of structures for solar panels is the separation that should be left between the rows of solar panels. 

For the length of the solar panel we will express it in meters, the point will be used to differentiate the decimals. Depending on how we place the panel we will have to take into account its width or its length to be able to calculate the projected shadow.

In the event that the plate is placed vertically, the expressed meters refer to the length of the panel. In the case the plate is placed horizontally, the expressed meters refer to the width of the solar panel. Recall that the angle of the solar panel on the horizontal is and.

PlusEnergy is at your disposal to advise you on the Solar Panels Structure or any of the products on our website, contact us for more information.

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