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    WccSolar Offers the best quality GEL batteries, selected by Gel Batteries of all amp/hours. Gel batteries are very useful for isolated solar installations or outside a grid connection point. GEL batteries stand out for their great durability, for not requiring maintenance or emitting harmful gases. GEL Batteries have a float design life of 12-15 years or more, designed for frequent cyclic discharges in extreme temperature environments.
    GEL batteries have stable and excellent performance during frequent cyclic discharges. Suitable for solar energy systems, wind energy systems, UPS backup power supplies, communication systems, etc. The best option for performance and durability.

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    Characteristics of GEL batteries

    Gel batteries are one of the most used types of batteries in photovoltaic kits, thanks to their excellent performance and advantages compared to other types of batteries. Gel batteries are characterized by being made with a gelled electrolyte and are completely sealed so they do not release any type of liquid if the battery is tipped over. They are mostly intended for medium and small-sized solar installations that need a long-term battery.​

    GEL batteries belong to the lead acid family and their big difference with respect to these is the state of the electrolyte, which in the case in question is much more gelled, as its name indicates, and is less harmful. This implies greater resistance to vibrations and high temperatures as well as less evaporation than in conventional lead acid batteries. These are the most efficient batteries on the market with excellent functionality, being the most used for photovoltaic solar installations.

    Common uses of GEL Batteries

    Gel batteries have a good quality-price ratio, they are a little more expensive than conventional lead acid batteries but this is compensated by their high guarantee of operation and durability. GEL batteries are indicated for isolated installations or for uses where the role of the batteries is fundamental. They are one of the most popular products for solar installations since they do not require maintenance and it is not necessary to regularly check the acid levels inside.

    It is recommended that you keep the Gel battery in its natural position, that is, with the terminals facing up to extend its useful life and achieve maximum efficiency.

    Maintenance of GEL Batteries

    Gel batteries should be kept in cool and safe places, avoid being exposed to direct sunlight and extreme changes in temperature. Gel batteries are completely sealed and do not require any maintenance, which makes them much safer than other batteries, one of the most preferred characteristics for installations in motorhomes, vans, etc.

    GEL battery installation

    WccSolar offers you the installation service and our expert team of installers comes to your address wherever you are. This service is available for both the GEL battery and the rest of the products on our website. If you wish to receive more information, contact us and the WccSolar technical team will advise you based on your needs.

    Configuration in the charging stages of the GEL Batteries

    ​The charging voltages can be found mostly in the technical sheets in relation to the manufacturer and the technology they use, it is always a good idea to check the charging voltages of the Gel batteries to ensure correct operation. Charging gel batteries with incorrect voltages can reduce useful life, it is important to always charge them to 100% and never overcharge or overdischarge gel batteries.

    What is the difference between GEL and AGM?

    Gel batteries (or gel electrolyte batteries) are another type of sealed lead-acid battery used in applications similar to AGM batteries. However, gel batteries have some differences compared to AGM batteries.

    The main advantage of gel batteries is their ability to withstand deep discharge and charge cycles, which means they can provide high energy storage capacity and a reliable discharge rate in applications where high efficiency and long life are required. battery duration. Additionally, gel batteries have a lower self-discharge rate compared to AGM batteries, meaning they can hold their charge for longer without needing to be recharged.

    Another advantage of gel batteries is that they are less prone to sulfation than other sealed lead-acid batteries, which can extend their life. Additionally, gel batteries are less prone to acid leaks or spills, making them safer to use in sensitive environments.

    In summary, the priority of gel batteries is to provide high energy storage capacity, reliable discharge rate and long battery life in applications where high efficiency and greater resistance to sulfation and self-discharge are required. .

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    At Wccsolar you can buy cheap GEL batteries at the best price, quality and from the best international manufacturers. Our technical team will advise you on the best option based on your needs regarding your solar energy kit.

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