380v three-phase installation with DYNESS Battery

    380v three-phase installation with DYNESS Battery

    We present three-phase 380v installations with 3 inverters MAX 7.2KW single-phase 220v Related Series to 7.2kw 380v Three-phase.

    The batteries are 5.1kw DYNESS brand each with a total of 20.4kw of accumulation, the inverters carry telecommunications with the batteries so that it produces maximum efficiency.

    1. The installation is made up of 9 solar panels, each Inverosr of 450w from the manufacturer Austa Solar. These are the Deep Blue 3.0 PERC type solar panels, which thanks to this technology, will allow greater performance compared to a conventional solar panel.

    2. It is capable of offering more than 60kWh per day on average if about 5 hours of peak sun are taken into account. In winter it could produce around 43kWh considering that the days are shorter, while in summer it can double this figure, exceeding 85kWh with 7 hours of peak sun.

    3.To connect the solar panels, they have been connected in two rows of 9 panels each and the series connection has been made with a maximum voltage range of 450VDC.

    4. It also contains 4 DYNESS brand 48v lithium batteries that offer a total storage capacity of 20.04kWh. The batteries have been installed near the inverter so that the connection is made in the most comfortable way possible.

    5. The solar inverter for this installation is the PlusEnergy 7.2kW single-phase 220v inverter connected 3 together 7.2kw 380v three-phase at maximum power. It is an inverter that incorporates two MPPTs and is compatible with both lithium and lead batteries.

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