4Kw zero discharge installation in Seville

    4Kw zero discharge installation in Seville

    Once again our professional installers have traveled to this home in Seville to carry out an installation of a solar kit of 4 kW of self-consumption in a home. This has been motivated by our client's own interest in considerably reducing his electricity bill, since everything that the solar produced during sunny hours will be injected into your home and will power your electrical appliances for free.

    These installations are characterized because it is not necessary to use solar batteries. The goal is to reduce and not eliminate network consumption completely. So much so, that we can notice how our electricity bill is reduced by more than 50% each month. In just 3 years we have already recovered all of our initial investment and the only thing we will see are the benefits of having free electricity.

    This solar kit It does not need permits from any electrical company to be installed, since its “zero discharge” system into the electrical grid does not allow anything to be dumped, and in this way we save ourselves from any legal paperwork.

    As we can see, the installation has 12 330W panels. Doing the math for a winter day with 4 hours of sun, this single kitr is capable of producing an average of 4000 w/h and about 15000 w/day. In summer, logically, these figures increase, reaching a production of 28000 w/day.

    They were placed on a structure for solar panel on the roof. Our installers took care to give it the best orientation and inclination. We all know the importance of maximum photovoltaic exposure.

    Was used a grid injection inverter, zero discharge 5000W 220V single-phase, with an input voltage range of 100-500 Vdc. This has a limiter to reduce the output power according to the real consumption of the house, thus completely avoiding overflows to the public network. Through the MPPT function it provides maximum efficiency of the solar panels.

    El solar inverter It was installed inside the home, protected from extreme temperatures and humidity that could negatively influence its correct functioning.

    El solar kit includes all the necessary material for the correct operation of the installation (solar panel structure, fuses, cabling, circuit breaker etc.)

    It is recommended that the kit be installed by a photovoltaic professional, since it consists of devices that require special handling and knowledge for optimal system configuration.

    If you are thinking of buying a grid injection solar kit like this or any other, please contact contact us and we will give you a personalized budget without obligation based on the needs of your home and consumption.

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