60kw Photovoltaic Installation in Seville

    60kw Photovoltaic Installation in Seville

    In Seville, a team of trained installers carried out the installation of a photovoltaic solar kit de zero discharge network connection of high features and great performance with which the trend of photovoltaic energy applications in business buildings of different sectors continues, which allows consumption during the day to be carried out solely and exclusively thanks to the solar panels mounted with their respective sandwich roof structure.

    60kw photovoltaic installation in Seville.

    On this occasion the installation of grid injection solar kit It was carried out in an Ice production and distribution company, which had large refrigeration chambers. The facility is designed with 180 solar 330w and with a zero discharge grid injection inverter of 60kw, which allows great savings in electrical network consumption since all consumption that occurs during sunny hours is powered by this magnificent Kit with very good features.

    El 60kw grid injection inverter I was installed inside the ship, strategically located for better management and to ensure its protection. This inverter includes the zero discharge limiter which always comes with all of our zero grid injection inverters from our models from 1kw to 80kw.

    These solar They have a 20-year performance guarantee and excellent useful life and photovoltaic sensitivity.

    The correct fixation and orientation of the solar panels was achieved thanks to our structure designed for sandwich roof For the correct location of the plates, it was also taken into account that there were no shadows that could affect their performance.

    We leave you a small video of the operation of the self-consumption inverter made at 10:00 in the morning where we can see that although the sun is not at its maximum splendor this Grid injection inverter He is making a magnificent production.

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