Solar installation of a solar grid connection kit

    Solar installation of a solar grid connection kit

    Once again our professional installers have traveled to Seville to install an 8kW self-consumption solar kit in a home. This was motivated by our own customers' interest in significantly reducing their electricity bills, as everything the solar panels produce during the day is fed into their home, powering their appliances for free.

    These installations are characterized by the fact that it is not necessary to use solar batteries. The goal is to reduce network consumption and not eliminate it completely. So much so, in fact, that you can see your electricity bills cut by up to 75% with each monthly payment.

    You do not need a permit from an electricity company to install this solar kit, since its “zero discharge” system allows there to be no discharges to the grid, saving you all legal procedures.

    As we can see, the installation has 28 330 W panels. If you do the calculations for a winter day with 4 hours of sun, this solar kit can produce an average of 9.240 W/h and about 36.960 W/day. In summer these figures logically increase and reach a production of 64.680 W/day.

    They were placed on a solar panel structure on the roof. At the client's request, our installers placed them flat so that they were not visible from the outside, although seeking maximum photovoltaic exposure.

    An 8000 W 220 V single-phase zero discharge grid injection inverter was used with an input voltage range of 100-500 VDC. This has a limiter to reduce the output power according to the real consumption of the home and thus completely avoid overflows to the public network. With MPPT function, it ensures maximum efficiency of solar modules.

    The solar inverter was installed inside the home, protected from extreme temperatures and humidity that could negatively affect its correct operation.
    The solar kit includes all the materials necessary for the correct operation of the installation (solar panel structure, fuses, wiring, circuit breakers, etc.)

    It is recommended that the installation of the kit be carried out by a photovoltaic professional since it is a piece of equipment that requires special handling and knowledge for optimal system configuration.

    If you are thinking of purchasing this or any other grid-connected solar kit, contact us and we will give you a personalized, no-obligation quote based on the needs of your home and your consumption.

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