Solar Installation for a Champion

    Solar Installation for a Champion

    On this occasion, the Wccsolar team traveled to the municipality of Guillena in the province of Seville to carry out the installation and start-up of a Zero discharge network connection kit in the premises with connection to the electrical network of the Champion of Spain and ham cutter Pablo Montiel.

    Zero discharge grid connection solar kit installations are used in those homes that already have a supply from the electrical grid but wish to make significant savings on their electricity bill. The zero discharge grid connection solar kits They are characterized by supplying the home or installation with energy during daylight hours, so that all consumption during this time period will not use the electrical network as an energy source, saving on the monthly or bimonthly bill received from the electric company.

    This type of solar kit They are highly sought after for their rapid amortization, excellent results and low investment.

    All solar kits, both grid connection kits and isolated solar kit, have all the elements for the installation and correct operation of the system. The kits can be installed by yourself or someone you trust with knowledge in this regard, or you can install them with Wccsolar graphics.

    Below are the elements included in this grid connection solar kit 8000w:

    9 330w solar panels from our brand Wccsolar installed with the optimal orientation and inclination to achieve maximum photovoltaic radiation.

    9 330w Polycrystalline Panels

    The correct fixation and orientation of the solar It is key for the installation to cover the expected consumption, but there are times in which the separate performance of the solar panels is higher than the joint performance, since, in the event that one of the connected panels receives less photovoltaic radiation due to shadows, partial particles, dust or other agents that can infer between the photovoltaic radiation and affect the rest of the panels, causing the installation to suffer a sharp drop in its efficiency.

    This time the grid injection inverter What we use for correct operation is the 8kw three-phase grid injection inverter with zero discharge limiter.

    8kw inverter grid injection zero discharge

    The solar kit, as mentioned above, includes all the elements necessary for start-up and correct operation, including the cables for connecting panels, the zero discharge limiter, thermal magnets, etc.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a insulated solar kit or a grid connection solar kit In this case, contact us and depending on the needs of your home and usual consumption, we will give you a tailored quote. You can also inquire without obligation about the installation service provided by our team of installers.

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