48V to 220V inverters

The 48V inverters transform the direct current that reaches them from the 48V battery bank into alternating current at 220V - 230V to power any appliance that we connect. The 48V inverters are ideal when we connect two panels in 24V series thus maintaining the proper voltage for the 48V inverter. The 48V inverter covers powers from 3000W to 24000W, so it is recommended for use in low, medium and high power solar installations.

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48V inverters

The 48V inverters transform the direct current that reaches them from the 48V battery bank into alternating current at 230V to power any appliance that we connect. The 48V inverters are ideal when we connect in series 2 24V panels thus maintaining the proper voltage for the 48V inverter. The 48V inverter covers different powers, so its use in medium and high power solar installations is recommended.

The 48V inverter must be as close as possible to the accumulator, since the currents that circulate between these two elements are the highest in the entire installation. In addition, the cable section between the 48V inverter and the batteries should be 35mm or 50mm to minimize current losses.

The 48V inverter has an automatic work mode, so if no consumption is connected, it is disconnected, reducing its consumption. In this state the 48V inverter sends alternating current pulses every little time to check if there is any connected load.

To connect the inverter at 48V with the batteries, the negative pole of the battery must be connected with that of the inverter, and in the same way the positive pole with the positive pole of the inverter.

In PlusEnergy we guarantee the best prices in 48V inverters. We have 48V inverters of the best Investors.


Information about 48V Investors

The 48V solar inverters allow converting the direct current generated by the solar installation into alternating current. The 48V solar inverters, for use with 48V batteries, are essential in the solar installation, both self-consumption and insulated, since the direct current generated by the panels cannot be used directly. Here lies the importance of current inverters, which generate an alternating current suitable for domestic devices.

The type of solar inverter, either 12, 24 or 48V, will determine the capacity of the solar installation. This means that we can power more or less electrical appliances according to the Watts that the inverter can supply. In PlusEnergy we offer 48V solar inverters according to the needs of the consumer.

It should be noted that PlusEnergy offers the highest quality 48V solar inverters. Also that these 48V solar inverters transform the direct current into alternating current with a pure sine wave. Pure sine wave inverters are the most efficient in the market, since the pure sine wave alternating current is the same as that provided by the mains, which ensures the proper functioning of all devices.

Without a doubt, here you can find the best 48V solar inverters at the best price. To learn more about solar energy applications.


Common uses of 48V inverter

The photovoltaic sector is the most common of the 48V inverters, in fact, the 48V inverters are the ones with the highest voltage within the range of inverters.


48V Inverter Installation

48V inverters are recommended to be installed by professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

In PlusEnergy we have a team of professional installers that are at your disposal the installation and commissioning service of 48V inverters, contact us for more information.


48V Inverters Warranty

The 48V inverters have 2 years of transformer warranty and one year in other parts provided that the use of the inverter has been correct and the recommendations we always provide have been followed.


48V Investor Maintenance

The 48V inverters do not require special maintenance, although it is recommended that your installation be in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.


Photovoltaic installation with 48V inverter

In PlusEnergy we offer you the possibility of acquiring the 48V Inverter that you require in some of our solar kits.

We take this opportunity to remind you that all our kits are customizable, so if you are thinking of purchasing a solar kit, contact us and our team of professional technicians will advise you on which option is suitable for your needs.


Compatibility of the 48V inverter with batteries

48V inverters are compatible with 48V batteries. Any inverter is compatible with solar batteries of the same voltage.


Buy inverter 48V cheap

In PlusEnergy we offer you cheap 48V inverters from the best international manufacturers, with guarantee of operation and if you wish, installation and commissioning service.

AutoSolar is at your disposal to advise you on 48V Investors or any of the products on our website, contact us for more information.

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