Inverter 6Kw 220V Hybrid Plus Grid Injection with Zero Deye Discharge

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    Hybrid Plus all for one inverter SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU 

    The SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU Plus hybrid inverters are designed to be able to take advantage of the different energy sources available at the same time, such as photovoltaic solar energy, Accumulator Batteries (all types of batteries), that from the electrical grid and that generated by a generating set with the possibility of storing this energy in batteries. The use of this type of inverter is indicated in places where the electricity grid does not reach or is of low quality.

    The Advantage of 6Kw Hybrid Plus:

    • 2-MPPT
    • Network Injection
    • Zero injection
    • Works with batteries 
    • Works without batteries
    • P65 (Allows outdoor installation)
    • Telecommunications with all brands of Lithium batteries
    • 5 years warranty
    • Works On grid and Off grid at the same time 
    • Works in parallel between inverters 
    • Applications App (distance control)
    • Official Telecommunications with Lithium Batteries: Pylontech, Dyness ETC..
    • Wi-Fi
    • Color touch LCD, IP65 protection grade
    • 6 time periods to charge/discharge the battery
    • Max. 120A charge/discharge current
    • Frequency drop control, Max.16pcs parallel
    • DC pair and AC pair to retrofit existing solar system
    • Support diesel generator energy storage
    • 48V low voltage battery, safe and reliable.
    • Unique smart charging app and grid peak reduction function
    • 4ms fast transfer from grid-connected to off-grid mode, ensuring traditional fixed frequency air conditioner works well


    Video Presentation

    More detailed presentation

    Configuration Video SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU


    Description of the SUN-3.6KW-SG03LP1-EU Inverter
    The SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU inverter works at an output power of 6600WATT and a maximum recommended input power of 4680W. This inverter allows you to combine the production of solar panels with the electrical grid and batteries, so it acts as an intelligent energy manager that prioritizes the consumption of the photovoltaic installation and guarantees that the home always has an energy supply either from the solar panels or from the electrical network. In addition, the SUN-3.6KW SG03LP1-EU inverter can be connected to batteries that work between 48V to store the surplus energy produced by the solar panels and have energy autonomy also on days with less solar radiation and at night, thus reducing the dependence on the electrical grid, that is, the SUN-3.6KW Plus combines grid, direct energy from solar panels and batteries, becoming a very efficient manager for self-consumption installations.


    Deye hybrid inverters have a “smart load” output that can be configured to divert surpluses to consumption in order to take full advantage of solar production. For example, with the default configuration, the smart load output is energized and supplies consumption when the battery is between 100 and 95% and the solar production is greater than 100w. This is fully configurable.
    Video the example of operation:

    Deye Hybrid Inverter Smart Load Application Introduction

    If you want to work on a three-phase phase, it is very easy, order 3 inverters to insert in each phase or if the current is three-phase, consult the range of Sun three-phase hybrid inverters that we also put at your disposal, remember that SUN three-phase hybrid inverters -6KW-SG03LP1-EU work at a higher input and output power, hence you must choose between connecting three single-phase inverters or choosing a three-phase inverter according to the needs of the installation.


    The operation of this inverter can be in 4 modes:

    • Isolated mode: 
      Traditionally, in isolated solar installations, the inverter generates an alternating current network and acts as the network manager. Control the flow of energy between the grid and the batteries.
    • Back Up Mode:
      This type of system is designed for places where the network goes down frequently and for a long time; When this happens, the hybrid inverter operates connected to the alternating grid in order to guarantee an energy source, the inverter is dedicated to keeping the batteries charged during times when there is a grid, and when it drops, the inverter takes the energy. of the batteries in order to be able to get through the hours when the network is out.
    • Self-consumption mode: 
      This is the way we will usually use this inverter, it is about consuming the energy directly from the panels while we have sun at that moment, in the event that the panels produce more energy than we are consuming, these are used to charge the batteries , in order to be used during night hours.
    • Sell ​​mode:
      Inverter allows you to sell energy from solar panels or batteries to an electric company, you can program the power you want to sell and the time you want to sell both at night or by day. At the same time you can buy electric light from this electric company by day or at night and power What do you want to buy?


    Inverter MonitoringSUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU
    If the SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU inverter has a Wi-Fi internet connection, a Sola Wifi Plus accessory can be installed that allows monitoring of its operation from any mobile device.


    SUN-6KW-Plus Inverter Pouring
    In order to monitor the Inverter's self-consumption, the wattmeter is responsible for measuring the required consumption at all times. If a surplus compensation contract is available, the inverter can be configured to discharge or not depending on our needs.
    The SUN-6KW-SG03LP1-EU inverter is compatible with all types of batteries, both GEL, AGM or Lithium.

    The Advantage of Sun- 6000W Hybrid Plus:

    • Lithium BMS Brands Compatibility List
    • 2-MPPT
    • Network Injection
    • Zero injection
    • Works with batteries 
    • Works without batteries
    • P65 (Allows outdoor installation)
    • Telecommunications with all brands of Lithium batteries
    • 5 years warranty
    • Entrance with solar panel
    • Entry with Wind 
    • Works On grid and Off grid at the same time 
    • Works in parallel between inverters 
    • Applications App (distance control)

    The Product Includes:

    • Inverter Technical Data Sheet SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU
    • Hanging panel
    • Installation screws M4*20 stainless steel
    • AC connector
    • MC4 Connector
    • M6*80 expansion bolt 4
    • Current sensor for zero flow
    • User Manual
    • stamp panel
    • Wifi-Plug 

    Technical Data Sheet SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU

    • Technical Data Sheet SUN-6K-SG03LP1-EU
    • Inverter Data SUN-6K-SG01LP1-EU
    • Input voltage range 125-425vdc
    • Max continuous input voltage 500v
    • 48v battery system
    • Maximum charging current (A) 135A
    • Maximum input power 7800W
    • maximum output power 6600W
    • PV Input Current (A) 13A+13A
    • Max. PV ISC (A) 17A+17A
    • Nominal voltage 230Vac Single Phase
    • Rated voltage range 180-270v
    • Frequency range 50/60 Hz,
    • Power factor > 0,95
    • Output waveform Pure sine wave
    • characteristic data
    • MPPT efficiency 99%
    • Overvoltage protection yes
    • About temperature protection yes
    • Reverse polarity protection yes
    • Anti-island protection yes
    • Stackable via AC outlet only
    • Operating temperature range -25C to +60C
    • IP65 ingress protection
    • Designed life 20 Years
    • Automatic Cooling
    • Operating altitude without reduction 2000 Meters
    • 5 year warranty
    • Type: DC/AC Inverters
    • Specification: 680×420×233mm
    • Weight 20KG


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