Huawei Hybrid Inverter 4600W SUN2000L-4.6KTL Grid Injection

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    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL L1Red 4600W Inverter is characterized by being prepared to work in grid connection installations with moderate energy needs, as it is the smallest inverter model in the range.


    Huawei 2KTL-5KTL Manual:


    Technical Data Sheet 2KTL-5KTL:


    Installation Guide HuaWei Inverter for Luna 2000 Batteries

    Installation guide HuaWei inverter to HUAWEI 2KTL – 6KTL L1 inverters


    Active arc flash protection powered by AI
    Compatible with SUN2000-450W-P optimizer
    Battery ready by direct plug & play, no additional device or any modification required
    Models from 2KW to 10KW, both single-phase and three-phase, have a 5KW LUNA battery charging function.
    High efficiency inverter topology, max. Efficiency 98,4%


    Features of the Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Network 4600W Inverter  

    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter is a single-phase self-consumption inverter. Thanks to this we will be able to start in a direct self-consumption installation without accumulation, much more economical to be able to expand in the future with the inclusion of a battery to reduce our dependence on the electrical grid.


    This inverter has an integrated signal repeater that allows communication between inverters thanks to the Wi-Fi signal being transferred from one Huawei inverter to another. This is very interesting for large photovoltaic installations that require several inverters and that would otherwise limit communication between them.

    This inverter is compatible with the single-phase Chint wattmeter. To confirm compatibility with other wattmeters, contact us or consult the technical sheet in each case.


    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter offers great operating efficiency of more than 98% and has the best expansion capabilities at the best price.

    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter has an extremely low range for starting its internal regulator. The working range of its regulator is between 120 and 480V, so with 4 panels of 72 cells it can be started. It has a high limit on its working voltage, so we can use any type of panel as long as we respect the ranges set by the manufacturer.

    Applications of the Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W Inverter  


    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter works as a device that, connected to the electrical network of our home, injects into it the energy that the solar panels are capable of generating in real time. This is what is called a grid-tie inverter. As always, the maximum working voltages with the inverter must be respected, but we must take additional precautions not to exceed 495V in a photovoltaic open circuit if we connect the battery to the system.


    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter incorporates numerous protections, including anti-island protection, polarity reversal, short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, excess temperature and many more.


    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter has a wireless connection, communications via RS485 and LED indicators on its front for simple start-up and monitoring. The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter communicates wirelessly with our mobile terminal to be able to commission it and also to have detailed monitoring.


    Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Network Inverter Installation 4600W  

    The installation of the Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter is very simple since, thanks to its lightweight design and no moving parts, it greatly facilitates the task of installing the inverter. The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter has IP65 protection so it can be installed outdoors as long as it is not subjected to direct sunlight or inclement weather. Thanks to the fact that it incorporates advanced natural convection cooling, its fanless design gives it great reliability and durability.


    The Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter should be installed in a well-ventilated environment to ensure good heat dissipation, when installed under direct sunlight, the power of the SUN2000L may be reduced due to the additional rise in temperature. Install the Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter in a protected location or install an awning to ensure the integrity of the device.

    The installation of the Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W inverter can be done by yourself, but at wccsolar we always recommend that you always put yourself in the hands of a professional.


    Huawei SUN2000L-4.6KTL Red 4600W Inverter Monitoring  

    Huawei inverters stand out for having integrated WIFI functionality. You will receive a small antenna that you need to screw into the port for the device's WIFI to be active.

    Its configuration and monitoring is done through Huawei's mobile application, Fusion Solar, available for both Apple and Android. Thanks to this application you will be able to know real-time data about your system, power produced, power consumed both by days, weeks and months. This will help you get a closer look at the savings that are being produced thanks to your solar photovoltaic system.


    The Fusion Solar application performs detailed daily, monthly and annual analysis of the production data of the photovoltaic solar field and the consumption of our home. In addition, it offers a real-time diagram with the energy flow of the solar system at all times.



    Data sheet


    • Maximum efficiency: 98,6%
    • Weighted European efficiency: 98%


    • Maximum photovoltaic power: 6900WP
    • Maximum input voltage: 600v/495V
    • Operating voltage range: 90V ~ 600V / 90V ~ 495V
    • Starting voltage: 120V
    • Maximum Power MPPT Voltage Range: 260V – 480V
    • Rated input voltage: 380V
    • Maximum input current per MPPT: 12.5 A
    • Maximum short circuit current: 18A
    • Number of MPP trackers: 2
    • Maximum number of entries per MPPT: 1


    • Connection to electrical network: Single-phase
    • Rated output power: 4600W
    • Maximum apparent power: 5000 VA
    • Rated output voltage: 220V/230V/240V
    • Rated AC mains frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Maximum output current: 23A
    • Adjustable power factor: 0,8 capacitive… 0,8 inductive
    • Maximum total harmonic distortion: ≤ 3%


    • Protection against electrical islands: Yes
    • DC reverse polarity protection: Yes
    • Insulation monitoring: Yes
    • DC Lightning Protection: Yes
    • AC Lightning Protection: Yes
    • Residual current monitoring: Yes
    • AC overcurrent protection: Yes
    • AC short circuit protection: Yes
    • AC surge protection: Yes
    • Overheat Protection: Yes


    • Operating temperature range: -30 ~ +60°C (Electrical capacity derating above 45°C at rated output power)
    • Relative operating humidity: 0% RH~100% RH
    • Operating altitude: 0 – 4000 m (decrease in electrical capacity from 2000 m)
    • Cooling: Natural convection
    • Display: LED indicators
    • Communication: RS485, WLAN
    • Weight (including mounting bracket): 10,6 kg (23,4 lb)
    • Dimensions (including mounting bracket): 375 x 375 x 161,5 mm (14,8 x 14,8 x 6,4 inches)
    • Degree of protection: IP65


    • Battery: LG Chem RESU 7H_R / 10H_R
    • Voltage range: 350 ~ 450 VDC
    • Maximum current: 10A
    • Communication: RS485


    • Safety: EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2

    Huawei Solar FusionSolar APP

    We inform you that the Huawei Solar's FusionSolar APP is not available on Google Play (Android). 

    From now on, to be able to monitor and configure Huawei settings through the FusionSolar APP you must download the application from Huawei's AppGallery

    AppGallery (Android) It is the platform to acquire Huawei mobile applications. Through the link you have to download the APK file of the application for installation.  

    we leave download option:

    Link:             Click here to download

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