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Hybrid solar inverters or multifunction solar converters for installations in 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt systems that require the connection of 220 volt electrical appliances   Hybrid inverters or multifunction solar converters are composed of a powerful pure wave current converter, a charge controller or controller and a battery charger, have a screen by which you can control the operation of the solar installation and configure the parameters of use of each component.   In WccSolar our inverters or hybrid converters have the function of being able to connect them in parallel and reach a power of up to 24000 watts.

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The Multifuncion inverter is born from the development of the technology present in inverters and that allows an uninterrupted supply of our electrical system. Like all inverters, charger inverters transform an input current, direct current, into output current, alternating 220V suitable for domestic use. In the case of the solar installation, the direct current comes from the solar panels.

Charging investors have the advantage that they can act as chargers. The device has a technology that detects when the battery is at minimum voltage and activates the charger function. In this way the battery is recharged from generators or from the mains. The price inverters with charger that we offer is the most adjusted for the qualities that present this type of components. The solar battery charger can be your best ally in situations of great energy needs.

The inverters are electronic equipment that are used to transform the direct current of the batteries, normally at 12, 24 or 48VDC to alternating current. This type of voltage is necessary to power the appliances of a house, being in Spain the most common voltage 230VAC. Investors, therefore, are responsible for transforming direct current to alternating current to be used. The inverter-chargers, additionally, incorporate an internal charger capable of using an auxiliary power source, such as a generator or the mains, to charge the batteries if necessary. That is, it transforms the 230VAC of the alternating input to the corresponding battery voltage.

Benefits of these Multifunction Investors
With the use of charger investors, we ensure that there are no interruptions in the electrical supply of our home or company. In the event that blackouts occur, the charger inverter takes only 20 milliseconds to provide electrical power, preventing our electronic devices from shutting down. Some charger inverters allow the joint connection of up to 6 inverters to raise the output power, which is highly recommended for those photovoltaic installations that are expected to expand.

Most of the charger inverters provide an alternating output current with a pure sine wave, this current is ideal for the electrical supply of most household appliances.

The fact of incorporating a charger into the solar system allows not having to oversize the solar system. In case of days of low production and have a charger inverter we can, if necessary, charge batteries from the generator set or network. In this way we do not need to have batteries of much more capacity to cover these few days a year of low solar production.

Another advantage in the installation is the possibility of supplying energy to the house while charging the batteries. The charger inverter having a charger inside it, allows that at the time there is an auxiliary power source, the energy supply to consumptions is made directly from the auxiliary source and at the same time the batteries can be charged.

The incorporation of the automatic start of the generator set from free power contacts will allow us to be able to automatically start the generator set when the battery charge drops below a certain value. This will avoid excessive battery discharge without eliminating household consumption. Once the battery charge is recovered, the relay sends the signal to the generator set to stop. The system is totally autonomous.

Aspects to be taken into account by loader investors
The power of the charger is determined by the maximum charge amps by the voltage of the battery bank. As an example, if our charger is 50 amps in a 48-volt inverter, the generator set will require a power of just over 2,400W (50A * 48V = 2,400W).

The 50 amps indicate the maximum charge current to the battery. This current is direct current (DC) and must have been internally transformed by the charger from the alternating current (AC) generated by the electronic group. As in any energy transformation, the resulting energy is lower than the initial one given the losses in the transformation processes and therefore, the energy that the generator set must deliver will be greater than those 2,400W. This value will depend on the efficiency of the equipment being usual values ​​of 95 to 98%. Therefore the group must deliver about 2,500W.

Solar panels connection

Once the model of solar panels that will offer the house or industrial building the necessary energy has been selected, it is necessary to decide on the convenient connection so that there is compatibility with the rest of the elements of the installation, the types of connections and the impact that They have with the rest of the devices explained below:


1- Parallel Connection: Increases the intensity and the voltage is the same.

Example: If we place 3 panels in parallel, the intensity of each panel will be multiplied by 3 and the voltage will remain the same.

2- Series Connection: The voltage is added and the intensity remains the same.

Example: If we place 3 panels in series the voltage of each panel will be multiplied by 3 and the intensity will remain the same.

3-Series-parallel connection: It is a configuration that increases both voltage and intensity depending on the configuration.

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