Injection Investor to RED

How Investor to RED works:


With a field of solar panels from 1000w to 80000w and inverter to RED, the collected energy is converted and injected directly into the electrical network of your home. Simply connect the RED Inverter to any socket in your home and you will see your electricity consumption reduced, you will notice how your electric meter is stopped when RED Inverter is in action.

Our ZERO injection inverter already has a SMART METER function (for zero discharge) Built into an inverter you only have to activate by parameters.

Most homes have that consumption permanently in their homes, the refrigerator, connected electronic devices, computers, etc., even when we are not in it, it consumes on average 1000w / h up to 80000w, which are contributed directly from the sun during the day. If you have good consumption habits, you will see how your electric bill is reduced to a large extent.