Sun-Plus All-in-One Solar Inverter

    Sun-Plus All-in-One Solar Inverter

    Investor SUN-5K-SG01LP1-US (Sun-Plus) has great operating efficiency and the possibility of having direct self-consumption with accumulation in batteries for surplus solar production at an economical price.
    Sun-Plus Model It is the most complete solar inverter that we have on the market.
    Sun-Plus Inverter It can be connected to any lithium battery models on the market and with a Telecommunication function.

    In short, the operation of this inverter can be in three ways:

    • Isolated mode: It is the traditional one in isolated solar installations The inverter generates an alternating current network and acts as the network manager. Control the flow of energy between the grid and the batteries.

    • Back Up Mode: This type of system is designed for places where the network goes down frequently and for a long time; when this happens hybrid inverter operates connected to the alternating grid in order to guarantee an energy source, the inverter is dedicated to keeping the batteries charged during times when there is a grid, and when it drops, the inverter takes the energy from the batteries in order to be able to pass the hours of network downtime.

    • Self-consumption mode: This is the way we will usually use this inverter, it involves consuming the energy directly from the panels while we have sun at that moment, in the event that the panels produce more energy than we are consuming, these are used to charge the batteries, so they can be used during night hours.

    The detailed interface can be very convenient to understand the system status.

    Generator Operation

    Description of the SUN-5K-SG01LP1-US Inverter

    Investor SUN-5K-SG01LP1-US It works at an output power of 4.999VA and a maximum recommended input power of 6.000W. This inverter allows you to combine the production of solar panels with the electrical grid and batteries, so it acts as an intelligent energy manager that prioritizes the consumption of the photovoltaic installation and guarantees that the home always has an energy supply either from the solar panels or from the electrical network. Furthermore, the investor SUN-5K-SG01LP1-US It can be connected to batteries that work between 125V and 425V to store the surplus energy produced by the solar panels and have energy autonomy also on days with less solar radiation and at night, thus reducing dependence on the electrical grid, that is, , he SUN-5K-SG01LP1-US It combines grid, direct energy from solar panels and batteries, becoming a very efficient manager for self-consumption facilities.

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