Zero injection: An alternative for self-consumption.

    Zero injection: An alternative for self-consumption.

    1. What is a self-consumption or 0 injection system?

    Self-consumption with zero (0) grid injection provides users with the possibility of using only the amount of energy their home/business/energy system needs and not distributing the rest of the excess production to the electrical grid.

    The grid tie inverter, which converts the exact amount needed of direct current generated by solar in alternating current and sends it directly to the equipment that demands the supply without the need for Batteries.

    Zero injection: An alternative for self-consumption.Zero injection: An alternative for self-consumption.

    2. What is the objective of 0 injection systems?

    Mainly zero injection systems were created with the aim of facilitating the legalization of solar self-consumption plants.

    Additionally, the formalization of a contract for the sale of surplus energy by investors that are not zero injection is also saved, which can be a considerable hassle, mainly for domestic self-consumers who would otherwise be forced to register as a company or self-employed person to keep the tax accounting of your domestic solar self-consumption installation.

    3. Are there other reasons to install a zero injection system?

    Obviously, when a zero injection system works correctly, it makes it practically impossible to detect the solar self-consumption installation. The best way to avoid being caught is to install a zero injection system that prevents sending kWh to the electrical grid.

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