Solar Self-Consumption Kits at the Best Prices

Enjoy your Cheapest Solar Kit to Save at Home

WccSolar has different types of solar kits with panels for photovoltaic installation, these solar energy kits have solar panels and all the necessary photovoltaic components for a good solar installation . There are different classes in the sector:


  • Solar kit for isolated housing

  • Solar grid injection kit

  • Solar well pumping kit

  • Solar pool pumping kit


We have the best prices in the renewable energy sector , since we are the No. 1 in solar energy products. Thus, the cost of electric energy is amortized much more with the solar kit that suits your needs, and you can continue to enjoy the electricity of your solar system for FREE for many years.


If you can't find the right photovoltaic kit, don't hesitate to call 854 556 349 toll free. We provide you with the best personalized solar energy equipment at the cheapest prices.

Kit Solar 12V WccSolar
Kit Solar 24V WccSolar
Kit Solar 48V WccSolar
Kit Solar de Conexión a Red WccSolar
kit solar con bomba de agua WccSolar
Kit Solar con Depuradora de Piscina WccSolar
Kits Solares Fotovoltaicos