48v kits for large installations

48v insulated solar energy kits with the best prices on the market for daily use of household appliances: use of cooking hobs for cooking, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, TV, computer, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, iron, lighting, etc. It offers wide autonomy and high reliability.

Photovoltaic Solar Kits prices without competition

We present our Solar Kits adapted to any need to be covered.

In case you need other powers and you will not find them among the ones we have exposed, call us and we will send you by email a budget tailored to your needs.

You will quickly return on the investment of your installation your solar kit enjoying sustainable, ecological and FREE energy for many years. Easy maintenance and warranty on all our solar kits.


In case you do not find suitable kits do not hesitate to call 854 556 349 (free) we provide you with the best possible kit.