Solar Kits Injection to RED Self-consumption

Operation of a solar self-consumption kit:

With this kit you can save electricity on the electricity bill of your home, during the sun hours everything that the solar panels produce will be injected into your home and power the electrical appliances for free.

This kit does not need permits from any power company to be installed, since its "zero discharge" system to the power grid does not allow you to dump anything, and in this way we save any legal paperwork.

Basic information of the grid injection inverter, zero discharge.

The GridFree inverter with limiter with an output of 1000 watts up to 80KW works with the input voltage range of 45-90 Vdc (1000w, 2000w) 110-600 Vdc (3000w to 6000w) Also available three-phase from 8kw to 80kw with the input voltage range of 300-900 Vdc.

The limiter can reduce the output power according to the actual consumption of the house. The MPPT function provides maximum efficiency of solar panels.

The GridFree inverter with limiter is a revolutionary solution for domestic solar installations that works in a similar way to other GridFree microinverters, but they are able to reduce the own production according to the current consumption of the house and thus completely avoid overflows to the public network .


In case you do not find suitable kits do not hesitate to call 854 556 349 (free) we provide you with the best possible kit.

(We have Kits up to 80KW)