As established by Spanish legislation, the return policy and claims for products purchased online, must offer the same guarantees and rights to the buyer as those purchased offline, therefore the following are the return policies for items. acquired at WWW.WCCSOLAR.NET. The reasons why an item can be returned are limited. In any case, all the products marketed from this store have been suitably inspected and reviewed before shipping, so we recommend that before accepting any package, make sure that the packaging is in good condition.

If this is not the case, please DO NOT ACCEPT THE ORDER, and immediately contact WWW.WCCSOLAR.NET to report the incident and find a solution as agile and appropriate as possible, since by signing the receipt, you implicitly accept that The package is in perfect condition, so if it has been damaged, the transport company will not be responsible for subsequent claims, and WCCSOLAR may not accept the return of damaged items. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product purchased over the Internet, you have a period of 14 days, starting from the delivery date, to return it. Before making such a return, the customer must contact WWW.WCCSOLAR.NET within the period indicated by email or telephone, and the procedure to follow to make the return will be indicated. Once the product is received in perfect condition, the amount of your purchase will be refunded, less the shipping costs paid at the time by WccSolar, by bank transfer to the account that you indicate. Any return without prior communication will be rejected by WWW.WCCSOLAR.NET For the return admission to be possible both the product and its packaging must be in perfect condition, without scratches or torn or damaged packaging and including all the documentation accompanying the product. as well as its accessories. The client must carry out a correct packaging that ensures its transport without damage. Once received and verified that the product is in the same state in which it was shipped, the amount will be refunded by bank transfer.

1.- Accepted causes for the return of products: • That the item delivered to you does not correspond to the order placed. • If for any reason the delivery time is longer than that established for your order, we will contact you indicating the approximate expected date for the shipment. However, if the delay is such that the order is no longer useful, we recommend that you do not accept the package. This will save the return costs. • That the shipment is carried out to the wrong address. Only in this case, the return can be made postage due.

2.- Condition of the articles so that their return is accepted: • For the return of an order to be accepted, it is essential that it be sealed, in its original packaging and in perfect condition.

3.- Procedure established for the return of the products: • In the event that the product must be returned, you must contact WWW.WCCSOLAR.NET, by email at the address, or by calling telephone 854 556 349, indicating the order number, and the reasons for the return. • After providing this information, you can send the item to the address indicated, and once the good condition of the merchandise has been verified, a refund will be made for the purchase. • The expenses derived from the returns or exchanges (mainly the freight) will be borne by the client.

4.- Maximum term established for the return: • The Retail Trade Management Law establishes a maximum term of 17 calendar days from the delivery of the order to the consumer, after this period, no refund will be accepted.

5.-CLAIMS In accordance with the provisions of the commercial code (art. 366), the claim for damage, breakdown and total or partial loss of the merchandise must be made within 24 hours of receipt thereof, unless the damage was evident, in which case the claim must be at the time of delivery.

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It is an essential requirement for the application of the inverter warranty, that the installation and link that exists of these with the other components have some type of External protection, as well as fuses, thermal magnets, Very apart from the internal protection that the inverters have. .

Avoid overloads and over-discharges of electrical components and machinery, which can lead to failure of the inverter work such as burning and / or explosion of Musfits and other components such as control boards and motherboard. (Ask our professionals for the actual power required)


It is an essential requirement for the application of the guarantee of the batteries that they have received a correct use and maintenance throughout the useful life, PlusEnergy Solar SL establishes below some minimum operating rules that the client must meet to assume the correct use of the batteries and thus the guarantee is applicable:

- Control of its internal levels of distilled water and fill it so that it is between the minimum and maximum indicated by the container. Distilled water must cover the internal plates (Lead Acid Case)
- Avoid periodic deep discharges in all models, discharge allowed up to 30% and in GEL and Stationary batteries up to 50%
- Install in a place with ventilation.
- Do not tip over, stand with the terminals up during transport, handling, installation and operation.
- Can be connected in parallel, as long as a battery equalizer is installed.


Therefore, for the described warranty that covers all PlusEnergy Solar SL products to be applicable, there must be objective evidence that the product has actually been used correctly, and that the product's malfunction derives from a manufacturing defect. .
PlusEnergy Solar SL will not be responsible for any damages that may result from misuse, manipulation or non-professional installation, or malfunction such as short circuits. The guarantee will not be valid in the event of factors external to the normal use of the product, such as voltage increases or decreases, use of inappropriate accessories or prohibited by the manufacturers, falls, water, fire or incorrect or abusive handling by the customer or by third parties not authorized by the manufacturers.

The return, repair or replacement of the products will only be possible if the report concludes that the product has been used correctly and the problem of its operation is derived from a manufacturing failure.

The freight for the return of the product will only be assumed by PlusEnergy Solar SL if the product is returned as a result of a manufacturing problem and that it does not take more than 14 days (from the reception of the product) and that is why it presents operating problems, for In other cases, it will be the client who assumes the carriage.

In the return of the product the accessories are also returned and it is delivered in the same condition in which PlusEnergy Solar SL was sent both the documentation and the packaging.
It should not be more than 14 days between the customer experiencing a problem with their product until they notify PlusEnergy Solar SL, otherwise the product loses its warranty.


In WccSolar we are Multibrand Distributors of Solar Energy Supplies.


WccSolar is First Distributor of several brands of Solar Inverters, We also have an associated technical service to respond quickly to any problem or incident that could be caused by your Inverter devices.


This technical service will be active both during the warranty period and outside this period. In which this service will be offered to the client so that any problem can be solved. Offering peace of mind to the customer in the purchase of our devices.


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