Budget to install solar panels in your home

    Budget to install solar panels in your home

    Thinking about alternatives to reduce the electricity bill that has not stopped growing in recent months? It is a good time to opt for solar self-consumption to reduce this expense, since you can produce your own energy and also combat pollution.

    Solar panels are an increasingly present solution in single-family homes, since they are capable of converting solar radiation into the electrical energy that the supply needs for its operation.

    How much does it cost to install solar panels in a home?

    Installing solar panels, although it involves a high initial financial outlay, is an investment that can be amortized in the medium term and highly profitable.

    First of all, it is advisable to request the solar panel budget to several installation companies and compare them to choose which one is the most suitable. Some of the aspects that can influence the total cost are the following:

    – The type of housing: whether it is a single-family home, semi-detached, an apartment…

    – The use that will be made of the facility: habitual residence or second residence

    – The hours of sunshine in the province

    – The price of the electricity bill in the last 12 months

    – The CUPS number of the light

    The average price of a photovoltaic solar panel system is between €600 and €800 per square meter, to give us an idea, it will be around €4.500 including equipment and labor.

    Budgets for the installation of solar panels

    Generally, those interested in this type of installation receive two types of budgets from the installation company, the first is indicative and the second is the definitive one and involves hiring the service.

    1. Online budget: It is a form by which the calculation of solar panels, the cost of installation and the estimate of energy savings are estimated. It does not have any type of validity

    1. Final estimate: Obtained once the installation company visits the property. This document includes all the technical aspects of the work: the study of energy savings, the payment plan and the price breakdown of the photovoltaic components. Your acceptance starts the process.

    How many solar panels do I need in my home?

    One of the most important procedures for commissioning the photovoltaic installation is to calculate how many solar panels do I need.

    This process is known as sizing the installation and, to carry it out, it is necessary to have the annual consumption in kWh of the home, that is, its electricity bills from the previous 12 months.

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