The BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery is the new Lithium Ferrophosphate accumulator from the well-known manufacturer BYD. This new range, together with the HVM models, replaces the classic HV models. It is prepared to work both in isolation and in self-consumption and has a series of very interesting characteristics for our solar installation.


Batteries suitable for installations superior to 145v solar panels


Technical characteristics Lithium Battery BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7
The BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery from the Chinese manufacturer BYD is a type of high-voltage lithium accumulator, which replaces the previous HV range. The new B-Box Premium HVS range represents an improvement of very remarkable characteristics for this accumulator model. The manufacturing technology of the BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery is Cobalt-free LiFePo (lithium ferrophosphate battery).


This model is expandable with up to 2 more modules up to a total of 5. With this we will obtain the 12.8kWh model, which will work at a nominal voltage of 512V.

The BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery is compatible with the market leading brands of both single-phase and three-phase inverters. Its working voltage is high voltage, but it is also prepared to work in isolation and self-consumption, depending on the type of inverter with which it is accompanied. The HVS range consists of 2 to 5 modules that are connected in series and allow us to configure a battery between 5.12 and 12.8kWh. Initially it is possible to directly connect up to 3 HVS model towers in parallel for a total capacity of 38.4kWh, so we will have great flexibility for our present and future projects. The previous HV range, in addition to this Battery-Box Premium HVS, is also divided into the Battery-Box Premium HVM models, with a series of different characteristics such as a higher module stacking capacity and a higher discharge rate, among other differences.

Installation BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery One of the great advantages of the BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery is that it can be installed in a stackable way, without the need for any cabinet and without wiring between modules. It can be started from an installation with 2 modules and progressively expand according to our needs. It will only be necessary to take into account that the inverter is compatible with the extensions since with each module we will increase the voltage of the battery bank.


Specifications Lithium Battery BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh

The BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh Lithium Battery is manufactured with Lithium Ferrophosphate and is free of Cobalt. It has communications through RS485 and also CAN type. It is ready for grid connection, grid connection with emergency power backup and isolated applications. It has the VDE2510-50 / IEC 62619 / CEC / CE / UN38.3 certificates and also IP55 protection. It has a 10-year warranty as long as the manufacturer's requirements are respected.

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Lithium Battery BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh

SKU: HVS 7.7kWh
  • Characteristics BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh

    • High energy density: more energy with less weight


    • High charging currents (shortens charging time)


    • High discharge currents (allows, for example, to power an electric cooker with a small battery bank)


    • Long battery life (up to six times longer than that of a conventional battery)


    • High efficiency between charging and discharging (very little energy loss due to heating)


    • Greater continuity of the current available.


    • Zero maintenance.


    • Free of toxic emissions.

  • BYD B-Box HVS Premium 7.7kWh datasheet

    • Usable energy: 7.68kWh.
    • Number of modules: 3.
    • Nominal voltage: 307V.
    • Operating voltage range: 240 to 360V.
    • Maximum output current: 25A.
    • Peak output current: 50A for 5 seconds.
    • Weight: 129Kg.

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