Solar Horizontal Surface Pump SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W


The motor protection of the SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W Solar Surface Pump is IP54. It is a pump designed to move a large flow at a height of less than 40 meters, with suction of the liquid less than 8 meters. It is capable of pumping up to 2.3 m3 / h.


Solar Horizontal Surface Pump allows you to operate with free electricity from the sun and without paying electricity to the electricity company. Approximate operation of the pump will be 8 hours / day in summer and 5-6 hours / day in winter.


The SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W Solar Surface Pump is designed for agricultural and industrial uses, being optimal for supplies in chalets, country houses, small sanitary applications, etc. Perfect for automatic water distribution as pressure equipment. SQB surface pumps are perfect for heavy duty applications.

The SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W Solar Surface Pump is made of gray cast iron, incorporates a stamping brass impeller. The shaft is made of stainless steel, with a graphite ceramic mechanical seal.


The SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W solar pumps have a 2-year manufacturing warranty, being an option to consider when purchasing any pump for daily and repetitive use, for a long period of time. The SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W Solar Surface Pump is a centrifugal drive pump.


All SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W solar pumps are built in 1 inch, the diameter of the mouth always coincides in the discharge part as the expulsion part.


SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W Manual

Solar Surface Pump SQB2.3 / 40-D36 / 400W

SKU: SQB2.3/40-D36/400W
  • Data sheet

    Pump body and support: Gray cast iron
    Impeller: Stamped brass
    Motor shaft: AISI-304 stainless steel
    Mechanical seal: Ceramic / Graphite
    Fluid: Clean water
    Liquid temperature: Max. 50ºC
    Suction lift: Max. 8 m
    Working pressure: Max. 4 bar (56psi)
    Max Flow: 38.33 l / min (2300L / Hour)
    Max Height: 40 m
    Direct Current Motor: 36V
    Insulation class: B
    Degree of protection: IP44
    suction ø: 1 ”
    ø discharge: 1 ”
    Motor Power: 400w
    Weight: 6.2 kg
    Mouth filter: Copper
    Pump cable: 2.5mm2 / 4mm2

    Operating temperature -20C ~ + 50C

  • Functioning:

    Operation: 2 solar panels of 300w, 310w, 320w, 330w
    Way to connect panels: Two Parallel
    Input range: 20-68vdc
    Rated current: 12A
    Over current protection: 15A
    Maximum protection current: 18A

    Controller Type: MPPT

    Well Sensor Included
    Tank Sensor Included

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