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The Solar Regulator 12v / 24v 20A MPPT 100v is focused on those people who have 1 or 2 network panels in their isolated solar installation. This special regulator includes Lcd display and allows you to adjust the voltage of the network panels to the same voltage as the insulated panels. Promoting that the batteries work well and have a long life. The use of network panels with normal regulators (PWM) causes irreparable damage to the batteries, so the use of MPPT regulators is always recommended in these cases.


Installation Solar regulator 12v / 24v 20A MPPT 100v


The installation of this regulator model is very simple, however in Wccsolar we recommend that the Solar Regulator 12v / 24v 20A MPPT 100v be installed by a photovoltaic professional , or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid breakage and breakdown due to fault of an incorrect installation.


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Buy Solar regulator 12v / 24v 20A MPPT 100v is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, in addition the Solar regulator 12v / 24v 20A MPPT 100v has an official Wccsolar warranty.


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Solar regulator 20A MPPT 100v 12v / 24v

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  • - MPPT technology.
    - Maximum conversion efficiency of 97%.
    - High efficiency of maximum tracking point: 99%.
    - Load in 4 stages with PWM output.
    - Cooling by natural convection.
    - Power output at room temperature of up to 45ºC.
    - Temperature compensation.
    - Battery charging option according to AGM, Gel or Acid type.
    - With RS485 output port.
    - Automatic day and night recognition.
    - Diversified load control.
    - Information display and control display with wiring.
    - 2 years warranty.
    - CE certificate.

    - Electronic protections for short circuit, overload, over discharge, reverse polarity in panels and reverse polarity in batteries.
    - Nominal system voltage: 12 or 24V.
    - Rated load current: 20A.
    - Maximum battery voltage: 32V.
    - Maximum open circuit voltage: 100V.
    - Maximum input power in panels: 260W (at 12V) 520W (at 24V).
    - Self-consumption: <10 mA (24V).
    - Measures: 220 x 154 x 52 mm.
    - Weight: 1.10 Kg.

  • What solar regulator do I need according to the type of solar panel?

    Normal regulator (PWM): Whether you have 12V solar panels to use in a 12V (isolated or autonomous) solar installation, or if you have 24V solar panels and 72 cells to use in a 24V installation, you must use a normal regulator (of the PWM type). Which is the most economical and suitable for this type of solar panel.

    Maximizer Regulator (MPPT): If you have 24V solar panels and 60 cells (power plates greater than 200W), for use in a 24V solar insulated installation, you must use an MPPT maximizer regulator. Necessary to amplify the voltage of these solar panels, so that when they reach the batteries it is high and the energy is stored well. The MPPT regulator is more expensive but is necessary with this type of plates. Which without the use of the MPPT, the battery life would be damaged since it could not be equalized and would be sulfated in a few months.

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