The Victron Smart Solar MPPT 250V 60A Regulator is capable of charging a battery with a charging current of up to 60A and supports a voltage on photovoltaic panels of up to 250V.


With the charge controller MPPT 150/60 SmartSolar Tr get ultrafast tracking the maximum power point. With this solar charge controller you will have a performance especially with cloudy skies, when the intensity of the light changes continuously. The controller 150/60 Tr is SmartSolar MPPT ultrafast and will optimize energy collection by up to 30%, compared to PWM charge controllers , and up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.


Thanks to the Victron Smart Solar MPPT 250V 60A Regulator we can use 24V or 60 cell panels to charge 12V batteries without any problem or loss of energy. The regulator will increase the charging intensity by reducing the voltage so as not to lose a single watt (W) of power

The main advantage of being a 250V model is to be able to use a higher voltage on solar panels and obtain a higher efficiency, minimizing losses from working at a low voltage.

As it is an MPPT regulator, when the weather conditions are adverse, even with clouds or rain, the intensity of the light changes continuously, with the MPPT 250V 60A Regulator Victron Smart Solar we can adapt to the new situations that arise in each moment of a fast and efficient way to get the most out of the solar panel in any situation .

Advanced detection of the maximum power point MPPT Smart Solar 250V 60A VICTRON

When the light intensity is not constant, the Victron Smart Solar MPPT 250V 60A Regulator improves energy collection by up to 30% compared to a PWM controller and even 10% compared to other MPPT. It incorporates an algorithm to always maximize energy collection reaching the maximum optimum power point for that moment, thanks to this the MPPT 250V 60A Regulator Victron Smart Solar has exceptional conversion efficiency .


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MPPT regulator 250V 60A Victron Smart Solar 12V 24V 48V

SKU: 250V/60A
  • SmartSolar 250V / 60A

    The Victron Smart Solar MPPT 250V 60A Regulator is a maximizing solar charge regulator that provides us with the maximum performance of any type of panel for our solar energy installation. All Smart models incorporate internal Bluetooth to connect to configure and monitor our controller from our phone, tablet or PC with the Victron application. This model MPPT 250V 60A Regulator Victron Smart Solar works with 12V and 24V batteries and supports a maximum of 250V at the panel input and can charge the battery at a maximum intensity of 60A. This MPPT 250V 60A Victron Smart Solar Regulator with 12V battery supports a maximum of 860W from panels, 24V battery is 1720W and 48V we will take advantage of panels up to 3440W.

  • The Differences of PWM and MPPT Regulators

    What solar regulator do I need according to the type of solar panel?

    Normal regulator (PWM): Whether you have 12V solar panels to use in a 12V (isolated or autonomous) solar installation, or if you have 24V solar panels and 72 cells to use in a 24V installation, you must use a normal regulator (of the PWM type). Which is the most economical and suitable for this type of solar panel.

    Maximizer Regulator (MPPT): If you have 24V solar panels and 60 cells (power plates greater than 200W), for use in a 24V solar insulated installation, you must use an MPPT maximizer regulator. Necessary to amplify the voltage of these solar panels, so that when they reach the batteries it is high and the energy is stored well. The MPPT regulator is more expensive but is necessary with this type of plates. Which without the use of the MPPT, the battery life would be damaged since it could not be equalized and would be sulfated in a few months.

  • Technical characteristics MPPT Smart Solar 250V 60A

    • Limitation of photovoltaic power for 12V battery: 860W for 24V: 48V and 1720W: 3440W.
    • Maximum voltage of the photovoltaic open circuit: 250V cold, 245V working at maximum.
    • Without fan. Maximum efficiency of 99%.
    • Own consumption of 35mA.
    • Working temperature between -30 and + 60ºC. Full output current up to 40 ° C. IP43 protection and IP22 connectors
    • Reverse polarity protection of batteries (fuse not accessible) and PV panels.
    • Short circuit protection at the output.
    • Overheat protection, power reduction due to excess temperature.
    • Compatible with VE.Direct for communications.
    • 3Kg of weight and dimensions of 185x250x95mm.
    • Integrated Bluetooth for configuration and monitoring with historical and real-time data.
    • Optional built-in screen for monitoring and configuration on the device itself.

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