The BPD series solar water pump inverter adopts VI MPPT dynamic technology and motor control technology, and is suitable for AC water pumps with fast response, high efficiency and stable performance.

1. Supports single-phase and three-phase 220V pumps

2. Achieves 99% MPPT efficiency through advanced control algorithms

3. Reduce the cost of the photovoltaic panel (up to 8 pieces) with the built-in booster module

4. Support GPRS module to achieve remote control by using APP

5. IP65 protection class and fanless system design, with convenient installation and free maintenance advantages

6. It integrates multiple protection functions to extend the service life, such as overvoltage protection, PV reverse polarity warning, automatic power reduction against over-temperature, etc.

Advantages of the INVT BPD series

● Be suitable for 220V AC single-phase and three-phase water pumps.

● Built-in MPPT controller and excellent MPPT algorithm for various photovoltaic panels.

● IP65 high ingress protection class, meet various harsh outdoor environment and can be installed outside directly.

● Supports submersible pump and surface pump with built-in condenser and external condenser.

● Built-in booster circuit parts to reduce photovoltaic working voltage to DC 80 ~ 120V, save solar panel cost and improve working efficiency.

● Support photovoltaic input and AC grid input together, realize the switching function automatically, without human intervention.

● Includes water level control logic, prevents dry running state and adds total protection against water.

● Digital intelligent control, flexible adjustment and configuration of the operating speed range.

● Start gently to reduce the motor voltage spike.

● Provide protection against lightning, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc.

● Built-in C3 filter, achieving reliable, automatic and unattended operation

● One pump inverter can be equipped with multiple motors, supports vector control.

● Low start-up voltage and wide input voltage range provide more possibilities to accept multiple PV string configurations and different types of PV module.

● Digital intelligent control can flexibly adjust and configure the speed range of the pump. In addition to the soft start function, it can also provide lightning protection, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload protection function


BPD Solar Inverter Installation

The installation of this model, we recommend that it be installed by a photovoltaic professional , or the installation instructions be strictly followed to avoid bad connections and breakdowns due to incorrect installation.


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Variator BPD 5,5kw -3PH 380V 14A -ip65

  • Technical specifications


    • Size: 454x360x154.5 mm
    • Net Weight: 14.1KG
    • Package Weight: 16KG

    DC input

    • Maximum DC Voltage: 800
    • Starting voltage: 220V
    • Minimum working voltage voltage: 180v
    • Recommended voltage mppt: 220-750
    • Number of connector inputs: 2 MC4
    • Maximum continuous current input: 20A

    AC input bypass (compatible with mains input)

    • Input voltage: 380 (3PH) (-15% - + 10%)
    • Input frequency (Hz): 47–63
    • AC Terminal Input: R, S, T, PE

    AC outlet

    • Nominal wattage 5500W
    • Nominal Current 14A
    • Output voltage 0 - Input voltage
    • Frequency output 1-400Hz

    Other Parameters

    • Protection: ip65
    • Cooling: Natural
    • HMI: External Led Keypad
    • Ambient temperature: - 25–60 ° C (reduced to temperature above 45 ° C)
    • Altitude: 3000M (reduced to an altitude above 2000m)
    • Certification: CE; EMC meets the requirements of IEC61800-3 C3.

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