Commissioning GD100 Solar Pumping Variator

    Commissioning GD100 Solar Pumping Variator

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    Today we bring you a video of the start-up of a solar pumping drive.

    This video explains step by step how to connect drives with connection and parameters for both three-phase and single-phase pumps with or without capacitor.

    Three Phase Pump


    Phase1: U Screw

    Phase2: V Screw

    Phase3: Screw W


    • Full tank

    • Connections:

    • Cable 1 Terminal: S2

    • Cable 2 Terminal: COM

    • Dead Well

    • Connections:

    • Cable 1 Terminal: S3

    • Cable 2 Terminal: COM (common)

    External Boot Button


    Cable 1 Terminal: S4

    Cable 2 Terminal: COM (Common)

    Activate Generator/Grid input button


    Cable 1 Terminal: S1

    Cable 2 Terminal: COM (Common)

    Solar panels


    Connect + and Negative cable – To the Inverter.

    AC Input


    Connect RST to the RST screws on the drive

    To enter parameters:

    • We press the PROG.P00 key

    • We move with the arrows to reach the first group.

    • We press DATA/ENT P00.00

    • We move with the arrows until we reach the desired second group parameter and press DATA/ENT

    • By default the value will appear: 0

    • We select the indicated value:1

    • We click on DATA/ENT and continue with the same process for the rest of the parameters.


    (enter parameters according to established order)

    P00.18 = 1

    We press Stop

    P00.11 = 8

    P00.12= 10


    P08.28 = 10

    P08.29 = 710

    P15.05 = 65

    P15.24 = 600

    After entering the parameters, turn off the drive

    (remove the fuses until Poff appears on the screen and wait 20 seconds)

    Put the Fuses back in and wait 20-30 seconds.

    The drive will start automatically.

    CTE Pressure Connection

    2 Wire Connection:

    Jumper: COM-GND

    Transducer Power: +24V

    Transducer Signal: A12


    (enter parameters according to established order)

    P15.38 = 1

    P00.06 = 7

    P05.37= 2.00

    P09.00 = 0

    P09.01=Desired Pressure

    P09.02 = 1

    P09.08 = 2%

    Analog input

    Pressure transducer

    Remove jumper A12 and change it to its lower position.

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