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We offer solar regulators of the best brands so you have perfect control of your solar installation and battery charge regulator. We have regulators with information through the Display screen, as well as PWM type regulators for basic and medium-sized installations.

For voltages of 12 and 24 volts necessary to control the charge and discharge of a battery or accumulator inside a solar installation.

Documentos de Productos

Documentos de Productos

Information about PWM charge regulators

PWM Charge Regulators for 12V, 24V and 48V: A large part of the charge regulators marketed in WccSolar are voltage regulators, this means that they are suitable for installations at both 12V, 24V or 48V, regardless of the voltage we are using in our photovoltaic solar installation. It will not be necessary any type of voltage selection prior to the installation of this type of solar regulator, the same solar regulator will read the voltage of the batteries and make the adjustment, thus having a solar charge regulator that automatically adapts to the voltage.


Can I install a PWM in my photovoltaic installation?
In PWM type regulators the voltage value of the work field is the same as the voltage at which the batteries work.


When a PWM regulator is installed in a photovoltaic system, it is important to consider:

- The panels compatible with PWM regulators are solar panels 12V and 36 cells or 24V and 72.

- PWM regulators have a maximum load intensity, if we exceed that value the regulator will burn. So we must carefully select the regulator to be used, always leaving a margin that always gives us some flexibility in the face of low or high working temperatures.


- The working voltage of the photovoltaic field must always be at least 2V higher than the working voltage of the batteries, otherwise the charges will not be carried out completely. Therefore, the optimum values ​​must be greater than 14.4V for 12V installations and 28.8V for 24V.


- When making connections, we must always connect the batteries first and lastly the solar panels. In the disconnection the process will be carried out in reverse, opening of panel fuses if we have them or failing that, disconnecting the terminals in the regulator and subsequently disconnecting the batteries.


- PWM type regulators usually have working voltages of 12V / 24V interchangeably, 48V models on the other hand in most cases are specific to that working voltage.

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