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    It is necessary to have a solar current regulator to control the charging and discharging of a 12v, 24v or 48v photovoltaic installation.

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    Large Stock of MPPT or PWN Solar Regulators with WccSolar

    Current Regulator for Solar Energy

    Solar Charge Regulators Connection

    WccSolar offers you solar regulators from the best brands so that you have perfect control of your photovoltaic solar installation and regulate the charging of your solar batteries.

    We have solar regulators with information through LED and display screen, as well as PWM type solar charge regulators for basic solar installations with a small number of solar panels and medium size, and MPPT solar charge regulators for installations with a larger number of panels. solar panels where it is important to obtain maximum efficiency from each solar panel.

    Which Solar Charge Regulator should I use?

    PWN or MPPT Solar Regulator

    As mentioned before, there are two types of solar charge regulators or solar charge controllers: the PWM charge regulator, which acts as a power cut-off between solar panels and solar batteries when they are fully charged.

    For the PWM solar charge regulator to work correctly between solar panels and batteries, there must be the same voltages, which we explain in the following examples:

    • 12V Solar Panel + 12V Battery = PWM Solar Charge Regulator
    • 24V solar panel + 24V battery = PWM solar charge regulator

    Let's not forget that there are charge regulators on the market today that allow higher voltages, therefore they can be mixed, for example, 24v panels + 12v battery, always ask our experts at Wccsolar first.

    On the other hand, in the MPPT solar charge controller, apart from cutting off the energy flow between solar panels and solar batteries when the charge is complete, in the charging process it gives the solar panel greater performance or allows for greater solar energy intake. of the same which can mean 30% greater performance, another benefit is that these solar charge regulators adapt the voltage output of the solar panels to the battery voltage.

    • 24V Solar Panel + 12V Battery = MPPT Regulator

    Maintenance of the Solar Regulator or Solar Controller

    The solar regulator or controller does not require special maintenance.

    Solar Regulator or Controller Guarantee

    The solar regulator or controller at Wccsolar mostly have a 1-year warranty, we give you the security that we are the only ones in Spain that have direct technical service in our facilities. Always consult the technical sheet of each photovoltaic regulator and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our customer service numbers, our experts will answer all your questions.

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