Network injection system with Zero Discharge in Jaén

    Network injection system with Zero Discharge in Jaén

    As we have told you before, there are many more homes that will contribute to savings by installing a grid-connected solar kit. These kits are the best option for those who have electricity and want to significantly reduce the cost of their electricity bill. On this occasion, our team of professionals installed a Zero Discharge Grid Injection System with 8000W of power

    The installation took place in Andalusia, more precisely in the capital Jaén. She was guided and observed by our professionals. As we have commented in other posts, the main components of grid-feed solar kits are the solar panels and the zero discharge inverter. The zero spill limiter is what prevents the current from spilling in the direction of the contracted energy. This would not be permitted if it were not requested from our commissioned energy company.

    Grid injection solar kits are very economical kits since they do not have batteries or accumulators, which makes these kits more accessible. They save you up to 75% on your monthly electricity bill.

    In this installation, 16 330W solar modules or panels were placed. These solar panels have 72 cells with 5-bus technology to offer greater performance and energy production.

    An inverter with a power of 8 kW from the PlusEnergy brand was installed. It is a GridFree inverter with limiter, power of 8000W and starting peak of 16000W.

    Works with the input voltage range of 200-850 Vdc. The limiter can reduce the output power according to the actual consumption of the house. MPPT function provides maximum efficiency of solar panels.

    The GridFree inverter with limiter is a revolutionary solution for residential and industrial solar systems that works similarly to other GridFree microinverters but is capable of reducing its own production based on the home's electrical consumption, thus completely avoiding grid overflows. public.

    The 8kW plus power inverter has in turn been connected to a WiFi device or antenna, allowing you better monitoring from your comfort.

    This kit contains all the elements necessary for the correct operation of our installation, including panel connection cables, zero discharge limiters, circuit breakers, etc.

    If you are thinking of purchasing an isolated or grid-connected solar kit, contact us and we will give you a personalized quote based on the needs of your home and regular consumption. You will also be able to find out about the assembly services offered by our assembly team without obligation. . Contact us without obligation.

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