Solar system for country house in Seville

    Solar system for country house in Seville

    This week our installers traveled to this farm near Seville to install a solar kit. This was sized according to our client's needs for weekend use.

    Although solar energy is a clean and sustainable alternative for areas isolated from the grid or connected with difficult connections, on this occasion the installation was motivated by our client's desire to save on electricity costs.

    Are used solar 330 W polycrystalline, one of the most powerful in the 24V range for use in 12V/24V/48V solar systems. Thanks to 5 buses per cell for maximum solar efficiency.

    To ensure the use of all the energy generated by these panels, 4 GEL batteries 12V and 250 AH installed. Is a monoblock battery sealed, so it can be used in poorly ventilated indoor areas or sensitive environments such as B. The power supply of hospital equipment can be installed. To list a series of characteristics, we could say the following:

    – The compact size of the GEL 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 battery makes it easy to transport and handle.

    – Even if it is tipped over, it will not spill acid, but it is recommended not to tip it over during transportation or handling and, of course, during operation.

    – It has very considerable durability. With discharges below 30% we can exceed 3000 life cycles. On the contrary, if downloads are around 50%, life cycles will exceed 1200.

    – Greater resistance to vibrations. As a service battery in caravans or mobile homes it gives very good results.

    This facility also has a hybrid inverter 5KW 48V hybrid with 80A MPPT regulator and 60A charger. It is one of the best options offered on the market, capable of managing the charging of the panels and batteries. Since it has a charger function, it allows you to charge the batteries through network support when the production of the panels is not sufficient.

    Furthermore, this model of hybrid inverter allows parallel function for the most demanding installations. That is, it is valid for single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V with 3 inverters, connected in parallel, increasing up to 15.000W continuous and peak start of 30.000w.

    This solar kit It also includes the rest of the material necessary for the correct operation of the installation (solar panel structure, fuses, cabling, circuit breaker etc.)

    It is recommended that the kit be installed by a photovoltaic professional, since it consists of devices that require special handling and knowledge for optimal system configuration.

    If you are thinking of buying a grid injection solar kit like this or any other, please contact contact us WCCSOLAR and we will give you a personalized quote without obligation based on the needs of your home and consumption.

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